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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by suits_U, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Right then im sick to death of taking cadets to the same old training areas every month. What are your favourite training areas and places to take cadets for there APC type stuff ie expedition/adventure training (in the UK obviously). Our heirachy must think the only places to go are within an hours drive of the county lines. To be honest it gets a tad boring. Any feed back would be a great help

  2. Devon

    Woodbury Common - Lightly wooded, undulating.
    Saunton Sands - Sand Dunes, and Sea
    Dartmoor - Hills and more Hills

    Hope that helps! If you want more data about Devon then pm me?
  3. RAF Caerwent

    Nuff' Said
  4. Scraesdon fort and use tregantle as a jump off point (Plymouth). I endorse caerwent as well.
  5. Leek - like Brecon only smaller (and not in Wales) useless for anything except soul destroying.
  6. Proteus Trg Area, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
  7. I thought Proteus had closed down now.
  8. Oh fecking hell leek.......... what an interesting little place that is........... shame they closed the actual camp down though.
    Totally agree on the soul destroying part.
  9. Sennybridge. :D

    Nesscliffe is quite nice, though I go there in July. The accomodation is shite, but I was only 5 metres from the cookhouse :p
  10. Stanta (Norfolk)... spent so much bloody time there it's like a home from home.
    On the upside it's got facilities for almost every type of training you could want to do.

    I didn't like Otterburn very much, it was too wet.
  11. Otterburn is the dog's bollocks. Nice hills in the Coquet Valley in the north, flat ground in the south, Kielder forest in the west and fish and chips at Whitley Bay in the east. Lots of sheep and heather everywhere. Sixty thousand hectares of beautiful Northumbrian countryside, full of rare flora and fauna, most of it unexplored by anyone else. What more could you want!
  12. No only the camp. Trg area still bookable
  13. Dukeries just up the road also,(from Proteus) small but useful
    Think it, as well as Proteus booked through Stanta
  14. I used to love Bovvy training area when I was a cadet. Vaguely recall the part we used referred to as the Mexy range, can anyone enlighten me as to why?
  15. You will be very lucky to get this area, the vast majority of UK units deploying to Iraq go through this place so its always booked up. It's a pain in the arrse getting around there because everywhere on the area looks the same. The best time to bid for the area is early May time because the lot who deploy in April have gone and the guys who deploy in October will just be starting in house training.