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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by irlsgt, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. In the past I've heard about pre-dug permanent defensive positions that courses just occupy and then go into routine.

    I suppose there is a major advantage in time saving but I assume that personnel are practiced at digging in as well?

    Also I've heard that some training areas have old disused farms/pubs etc that can be used as admin areas for rest, admin or DS. Personally I think this is an excellent resource as we would often you an ISO container, tents, trucks etc. is there much of a problem with vandalism etc and is it the range warden that looks after them?

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  2. Once heard off a Training area warden that one of the farms on SPTA had been used for a rave one night. Must have taken some planning to recce it, rave it up, then bug out without getting sussed. Hope they took portaloos with them
  3. Quite normal for many training areas. Both Catterick and SPTA use disused farms that can accommodate exercising troops. Russian trench systems are in situ in many locations for attacking/breaching/defending.

    There's a multitude of facilities available on training areas to train and test different units, their roles and capabilities.

    Watching a CS Armd Engr Tp is quite impressive, especially if firing Python.
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  4. Tac ex 2 (or was it 3?) at the ITC platoons move in to pre-dug permanent defensive positions (anyone mind those slit trenches walled with corrugated iron & with wooden pallets on the floor situated on a windy as **** hill?), no "digging in" anymore at ITC (I've only had to dig in during BATUS or on those schmert non-stop 24 hour con op ex's we sometimes run).

    Used disused farms at ITC as well (tac ex 1 maybe, only ex during training that is Afghan orientated i.e. FOB routine).

    Used the iso containers - "tin city" - at Sennelager, treat.
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  5. No digging in at BATUS anymore. You must have been there many years ago before the two lads were killed by a blind shell whilst digging in.
  6. Was there last year on one of the PTs & dug in to stage 4 (with the eventual aid of the royal engineers after fruitlessly labouring away for several hours with shovel & pick at the frozen rocky clay earth :) !)
  7. So troops are only trained to dig shell scrapes now?

    I can definitely see the advantage (much more time for routine) but do they learn to dig in as well?

    So the farms etc also act as FOBs and small scale MOUT areas? That makes sense.

    I taught they were more for admin use, eg the weather turns serious and the troops dry off a bit.

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  8. Platoons at ITC always move in to pre-dug shell scrapes during exercise.

    As for the latter, wet & dry routine.
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  9. Very unusual, the Canadians had forbid it for many years.
  10. So when do they learn how to (and how difficult it is)?

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  11. They serve whatever purpose the exercise requires.
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  12. I'm surprised at Catterick they don't dig shell scrapes. I dug shell scrapes in all 3 of my exercises at Pirbright!
  13. There is a digging area on Catterick TA. Book it and dig away

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  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Depends where you are.

    Snow in Norway is a go.

    Sand in Germany and Thetford is grand.

    Peat bog at Sennybridge is OK, if very wet.

    Chalk on Salisbury Plain is a pain.
  15. I'll be digging in some Japanese winter onions, Freddy winterking spring onions and softneck garlic after work today, if there are blind munitions lying under my allotment then they must be very deep down.......