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Training areas as wildlife reserves

I once got into trouble with an environmentalist group for suggesting the best way to protect wildlife was to mine the area...
Don't the animals fall in?



If you ever had access to the database showing all MOD owned land and properties you’d see the MOD is a huge land owner and in surprising places (e.g. barns on a small square of land in the middle of nowhere).

Also, I used to live adjacent to Ash Ranges (just to the east of Aldershot) - miles upon miles of poor quality soil, heathland, marshy ground, low quality woodland. When the ranges weren’t in use, they were open to the public.
The Thames Basin Heaths Special Protect Area (around Aldershot, Farnborough and Camberley) encompasses several training areas... the Wealden Heaths SPA (Bordon and Longmoor) and of course Salisbury Plain SPA are (likewise) mostly training areas.

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