Training ANP

Hello guys,

OP SEC on for this bit and hope it's in the right place. MOD's please move if it's not.

I'm due to mobilse very soon as a driver with the TA, but due to my civi profession I'm being offered the chance to train the ANP. Now I must admit it does sound better than just driving for 6 months but in reality I, nor anyone I have spoken to know anything about this role. Course's I would get from this, where I would be based or even what the role actually is.

Before I make a final decision does anyone have any information that they could please share and pass on??

Many thanks in advance.

I'm waiting to hear about a tour attached to PMAG, due to my civvy job. All I have so far is a month for attending Chilwell.
Any news on the role would be greatly appreciated.

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