Training and Migraines

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Have seen my gp about them, they're definitely migraines i have a sort of visual aura creating a blind spot for about 30 mins then the headache joins and i feel extremely nauseous. I do believe they are defently exercise induced but only happen if I don't eat within 1-1:30 hours after, however i have also found its only happens before breakfast. So, for example, i do a 3-4 mile run in the morning then have a small breakfast (2 pieces of toast) i would get one but if i did a 3-4mile run at say 11am or 3pm (after meals) i would be fine. Also i dont get the migraines if i have done a 3-4mile run then have a considerable breakfast (egg,toast,bacon etc) but i can get migraines if i do a run for 8 or so miles on an empty stomach. Just wondering whether i would be likely to get them during training. thanks for the responses :).
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To answer your question it'll be easy to manage in training - just make sure you eat enough prior to phys. After the first 5 weeks the timetable for the rest of the year is up on the notice board so you'll be able to plan.


Say you go on Operations, the sh*t has hit the fan, you've been under significant arduous physical and mental pressure for several hours, you're in command of troops and then all of a sudden you go catastrophically man-down (and blind?!) because you've not had time/enough to eat; do you think this is an acceptable burden to place on yourself or your unit?
Following a head injury I began to suffer lots of strange symptom including the weird visual stuff you mention, along with balance issues and 'seasickness' type sensations. This was often accompanied by a dull headache that felt like pressure in the sinuses, sometimes lasting weeks, regardless of what meds I took. This was often brought on by exercise, particularly cycling. Occasionally I felt sick and had weakness on my left side.

GP was fuckin useless, dilly-dallying around me for 18 MONTHS FFS! Eventually I sacked him and got another. Scans showed nothing, then hearing tests showed a damaged balance organ. Final diagnosis was Post Head Trauma Migraine. Didn't even know it existed.

I have tried two preventative treatments; Beta Blockers (hideous, worked but slowed me to the pace of a 70 year old) and Amitryptilene- not quite so effective, but without such bad side effects.

The worst thing is that I can't identify any triggers, I've kept detailed diaries but they reveal nothing. Biggest fear is being far away from home with StainmasterJunior and getting hit with one. Can't even function, let alone drive.

Good luck mate. Don't be afraid to demand to try a range of different meds, they are very different in their side-effects and effectiveness dependent upon the individual.
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