Training and Fitness...Any one up for it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Daedalus85, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi there, the many and varied. I've got a selection coming up and find that training goes a lot easier with company! Just wondered if anyone in the reading area was of like mind? Thanks.
  2. Dear Disco, please still be awake.
  3. Am I 'disco'?
  4. No sweetie, he's a nasty man who will lock this thread soon.
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  5. Have you thought about the physically demanding activity of playing marbles? I hear the M40 is a good location to participate.
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  6. No, you're Daedalus, and while obviously not flying high, you're still probably going to get singed a bit.
  7. No; you are a ****!
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  8. OOO QUADRUPLE post score!
  9. We are so going to get smacky bumbum.
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  10. When you say things like that I go all... Mersey-side.
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  11. Nobody tells me nuthin'

    Bender Snow Boarding_3.jpg
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  12. No. That's just because they filter for you because they still think you're a girl every time they see your name.
  13. I am a girl. You shit house.

    You're getting all my phrases today!!
  14. Ta all. I see I heard right. This is the place to come for help or advice...don't worry. No more posts of any kind.
  15. Man up wetpants. We're nice really.
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