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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mada07, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. I start basic training on the 4th april and easter is 3 weeks after, now will the bases close like christmas or not? Personally i hope not so i can just get cracked through basic but no one seems to know.
  2. I would like to know the answer to this too! il be in week 9 by the time easter comes, and would rather get to the finish line without any long breaks! lol we could just wait to find out i suppose... what are you joining?
  3. Going into royal signals as electronic warfare and seems the only way of finding out, my recruting office didn't know either. What you going in?
  4. Doubt it mate you MAY get a long weekend but wouldn't think but no doubt you will find out closer to the time.
  5. Go with the flow mate. I'm in week 5 now, had 18 days off for Christmas, bit gutting to think I could be halfway through week 7 if we hadn't had this break!

    It also means I've now got to do nearly 10 weeks with no long weekend!
  6. Still alive then!
  7. Oh...hanging on in there matey!
  8. I am going straight back into final fling.

    I dont like this 2 weeks off, it's ruined me :) I would of been going into week 14!!! now that does sound saucy!

    Still only 3weeks left
  9. Week 5 here and I get crimbo and long weekend off. Oi lemon you on base now then? If u are could you do my bergen and locker layout as mines in a shit state, cheers.
  10. Ha, nah man am I balls, can't believe some of them are falling for it.

    Going to see how far I can take it.

    Got a manic monday packing though, you going into first night/bayonet or have you done that?
  11. ******!

    Our training team took great delight in telling us we weren't getting the long weekend!

    Still, can't complain, got 18 days off instead!
  12. Lol, done first night/bayo but it got cut short because of leave and cleaning the block which was shit as we only did one Night but we did get stood to 5 times and did a night patrol which is more than the other troops did.
  13. KJT

    KJT Swinger

    I start 25 April - so Easter Monday, so presuming that everything just continues. Can't wait to get - not long now!
  14. I was made up to have these 2 weeks off for christmas, coming off final fling i f*ckin needed it. crack on lads
  15. If you have leave it will already be pencilled in what Leave you will get..... you could find out when the finish date of phase 1 is from your Recruiter who could check on the RAP (this may indicate if its longer than the 14 weeks) otherwise nearer to the time look at the JIs on the system or get off your Recruiter and the Platoon clerk may give you an idea of leave dates.