Training Advice Please?

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Hello guy, i need a little advice, im currently training for the army in between working long hours and i dont seem to be getting any decent results. im 26 and going the gym 5-6 times a week and doing 30 min of cardio including running, walking, cross trainer, stepper, bike etc. each time aswell as doing weight excerises on chest, biceps, triceps, back, core, stomach, shoulders, forearms etc. i seem to be able to lift more and with bigger reps and sets and my cardio seems to be coming easier to master so ive increased it a little but i dont think im getting any were fast? now i know this takes time but just want to know im doing the right thing?

ive got a pre - assesment on the 21st august before the interviewer puts me forward to the next stage. can someone please give me a little more advice? thank you


There is a whole thread dedicated to fitness for potential recruits over on the recruiting board.

I suggest you have a read through that as this is a question that has been asked and answered dozens of times on here.

The advice from Brotherton Lad and Ho (some numbers) is worth paying attention to.
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