Training a gun dog

I've recently become interested in hunting and I'm in the process of joining my local gun club and getting permission from some local farmers to shoot on their land before I apply for my FAC.
I have 6 month Labrador puppy and I'm wondering if any of you have trained your own dogs, how difficult is it ? I've never trained a dog much beyond your basic commands. I'd really like to take her shooting as I'm sure she'd enjoy it but perhaps I'd be better off getting a professional to train her ?
Ugly is an expert in this.................probably worth sending him a pm if he hasn't posted recently


Thanks for the vote of confidence. There is an easy to follow guide I would recommend for any newcomers to the sport, Eric Begbie is a reknowned trainer and his broadsheets are excellent. I find that 20 minutes a day are more than enough!
Only problem with a professional trainer is that the dog then sees the professional as the master rather than the owner. A good friend of mine is in the process of training his year old black lab and although he's receiving pointers from various keepers, he's been remarkably successful.
Keep it little and often but don't push it too much as like a recruit the young dog will get bored and piss*d off. As ugly say's do some research. And remember over 50% of gundogs are lab's so just makshure when it all goes pete tong at least you can possibly deny it was your dog.

And above all else enjoy it. Ive got two of them and it is great going rough shooting with them and a pocket of cartriges, doesn't matter if i hit any thing as ling as it was enjoyable.
There are some very good articles on dog training by Tony Price in the 'Sporting gun' magazine. I see that he has written a book too "Gundog Training Made Easy", unfortunately it seems to be out of print as it's going for 175 quid on Amazon!

Does anyone know anywhere it can be had cheaper? Or of any good alternatives?


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