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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by gothpanda, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. hi,
    i want to join teh sas but Ive been told that I need to join the paras first. can ne1 suggest a training program to get fit real quick?

    I knoe theres a TA sas group but someone told me that the ta are not the same and I really want to do the real thing.
  3. This one should be fun... :roll:
  4. wats so funny? Im just tryin to ask a questiomn.
  5. learning how to spell first would be an awesome start - concentrate on the basics.

    Nearly got me, you wah-fisher you!!
  6. oh sorry, I dont want a lesson in spelling. I just want some advise. please.
  7. wah haha. brilliant though.
  8. ive just read his last post which is the same as this one he has already gone through all the abuse and now has posted it again you T*T....are you that stupid you didnt take the hint from the last lot of replies you got

    read his last post i really wouldnt waste the effort on this one lol
  9. I have pride in myself. So how much sound I be running a week? Ive started doing weightsa nd press ups.
  10. You need to run, and keep on running Forrest. Stop when you get at least 45 miles away from the PC you're on. Then never come back to it. Bless.
  11. haha, bet your not even in the army. any real answers?
  12. surprised no one has commented on his avatar. The Hardest Airline Selection Process in the World.
  13. Nope, I'm not in the Army. I left 4 years ago ;)
  14. Well said!

    May i bring everyones attention to this?
    And confidently put on my very best Wah hat...If he's for real, i'll have to take a long hard look at the theory of natural selection.
  15. I rarely use the term rofl as it makes my skin crawl but...rofl.