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  1. Lately when i've been running my right knee seems to go down harder dont know whether this is due to a lack of running and whether a proper pair of runing trainers is recommended?
    Any specific brand of trainer recommended?
  2. Run more, get used to running if youve only just started running then its a shock to your body and you have to give it time to adapt.
  3. You can't go wrong with Gola trainees!
  4. I've just got some new balance running shoes and theyve made a lot of difference to my running. Get down to your local jjb or whatever, they usually have last years styles being cleared for half price
  5. Thanks for all the help i guessed i needed to run more and so i will and i just went on jjb they have the trainers for 30 so thankyou for that too.
  6. I used to run heavier on my left leg, but for a week or so I just concentrated on running lightly on that leg and lightly overall, and it kinda comes as second nature now to run lightly and evenly.
  7. I'd advise going to a proper running shop as their are a few different types of running trainers for feet.

    Your foot will naturally either lean inwards, outwards or flat. If you go to a decent running shop they will be able to tell (a good one just by watching you walk) or some have a machine where you run across a pad and you get an image of how your foot lyes. Then they will recommend these nike, these addidas, these asics that have the right insole for your lean.

    If you just go to JJB and buy the £30 nike air supper bubble cushioning trainers they aren't always the best for your lean to run in. Also the big air super spring gimics at the back can sometimes hide the problem your having with your knee making it worse.

    The down side is a decent running shop the trainers may cost more but it's worth getting ones that fit right.
    Or if you go in find the ones you like, then go see if you can get that same model from JJB or t'internet,
  8. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its worth buying a copy of Runners World magazine, not because its got loads of photos of skinny women in lycra (although its a perfectly good reason). But it should have the address of a proper running shop near you, they should be able to check your running style and make sure you arent doing yourself damage. Believe me ive just been through the same problems you have after restarting road running after using treadmills to try and reduce stress on my knees for a while.
    To be fair to the shop they pointed out that it wasnt my shoes but the fact that i needed to run more and warm down properly instead of just concentrating on warming up and then stopping dead at the end.
    I stiil struggle but its getting better I even enjoy it some days.And yes id go with New Balance theyre the dogs nads.
  9. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Looks like you are quicker on the keyboard than me MT, note to self must type faster.
  10. try the non-advertised ones as the quality speaks for itself -they put it into the shoe not the pay packets of thier chosen 'star'. Avoidthe likes of Nike, Adiddas, Hi tec etc as they are the main protagonists of this. Try out Saucony (UK company!) and my personal favorite Mizuno.

    I do 20 miles a week and Mizuno are the best I've tried but all feet are different. Remember that they are generally (depending on se) 'run out' after about 6 months or so.

    Use a specialist running shop - I use

    The bloke who owns it - it is a shop too - is called Simon, a runner and all round top bloke - free BFPO postage too!

    Jingo is absolutely correct warm down and s t r e t c h well afterwards.

    Good luck - its taken me years to find a pair that I'm really happy with lol