I was thinking of getting a pair of running shoes to help with my running and to wear on selection, which i will most probably going on in around 2 weeks. (so ive been told)

Im thinking that there may be not much point forkingout for running shoes because ill have no use for them once i start basic , or would i?


I would only really want to pay up to £40 for a pair, if anyone could point me in the right direction thanks!
get a pair of proper nasty looking lightweight running trainers that lace up, dont have any fancy shit or any weight to them, reebok ive found are good and fairly cheap, run in them everyday up to selection and make sure you are used to them and have worn them in

because flat soled trainers are shite for your feet
you really do want to get running shoes because as butters said they are no good for your feet and you'd end up hurting yourself. also the time it takes to get from passing selection and starting phase one differs - mines on 16th of march so im doing plenty of running bettween now and then. 8)
bell559 said:
Are you going for infantry kurt ?
Yeah the Coldstream Guards. how about you bell 559? what regiment are you going for butters?
Be careful, a bad pair of trainers can cause problems. Better splash out a bit more and get some that are right for you and your feet.
I spent 60 quid (100€) on my last ones, but as I run regularly I don't regret it. Mind I am over twice your age so I don't spend it on anything else.

Good luck lad.
Guards , nice

Going to the 1 Rifles mate.

Hopefully can get a start date soon as possible tbh would be nice to join around the same time as you Butters
I would say go for asics, but they're around £70

Good purchase though (well, compared to my thailand shox knock offs)
should get a pair of high tech, they aint what you call trendy trainers, but their cheap but they are really reliable for running in. its what i trained in and what i used for my run, had no problems, but get a pair of decent shock absorbers, cos if your running every second night your knee's do get a bit sore
I went for Asics (about £60) from a proper shop purely for runners that had a treadmill which recorded how my feet were landing by using a neat video camera. Plus apparantly I have 'low arches' on my feet so they were kinda specialised trainers.

Tried various New Balance and Asics and settled for a pair that suit me to the ground.. no pun intended! :)

Anyone else suffer from low arches on their feet and any problems with std issue boots??
im gonna get some gel soles for my boots before i start training just in case they **** my feet up, and some talcum powder to stop any further damage due to moisture

cos i dont wanna nearly finish phase 1 then get discharged cos ive got foot rot or a damaged ligament :/
Ive used New Balance for a while now and had no problems, however I dont run anywhere near as much as I used to. JJB is usually quite cheap and sometimes you can pick up decent asics in there to for £30 - £40.

Another top tip would be to go to a running shop, have the assistant have a look at your walking/running and let him make his recomendations and then go and source the same shoe cheaper somewhere else.
IF you're getting gel soles, use the proper ones and buy the ones made by Sorbothane. They'll last longer than your career.
Well i went to JJB and got myself some new balance for a reduced £34.99 which im pleased about

Going to go for a 30min run later tonight so hopefully they where worth it
Felt a pain in my shins and knees after running with the new balance trainers..
Not sure if its just the fact that im not used to them or what??

Gonna do a 1.5mile doing 30 seconds sprint and slow jogging inbetween and see how i get on
bell559 said:
Felt a pain in my shins and knees after running
How often have you been running prior to buying these new shoes?

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