Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by crumpets, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. basically i need to get a new pair of trainers for general use. do you guys know where i cn get a pair for a reasinably price and would you reccomend those uk gear pt-03 ones ???
    many thanks
  2. asics gt1110 - I just bought a pair from jjb sports for £49.99 saving £20 off rrp. Alternatively visit they are usuallty £10 cheaper than rrp and he ships them for free
  3. You can't go wrong with Asics, Mizuno, Saucony or New Balance if you ask me.

    Nike Airs are only benefical if you weigh less than 10 stone...

    I had a pair of Reebok before and I HATED them but I'm sure others have had better experiences.
  4. I would go to a proper running shop and get your feet looked at.

    You might suffer from overpronation or supination and they will be able to advise you accordingly.

    Furthermore I wouldn't bother with a cross trainer for general purpose - just get a pair of proper running shoes. Cross trainers are slightly harder wearing but a running shoe will be lighter and have more cushioning - you shouldn't run in cross trainers although, of course, you can do general training in running shoes. So unless you want to have two pairs of shoes, or will never go running, just get running shoes!

    I have used the following shops and can vouch for them:

    Run and Become
    Up & Running

    Have a look here for some more advice:

    Runner's World - How To Choose The Right Shoe
    Serpentine running club - Buying shoes and other running kit

    Good luck!
  5. Hartmann is right

    And those army pti branded ones are soft cushioning shite
  6. I'm going to buy some new trainers on Friday morning as I got a newer pair only a month ago and have shot the back of them right through today, while doing only 10Km on a flipping treadmill! at the gym! How poxy.. I'm still not happy, and I think it's showing so I'm off to bed.. Talk about jaded, I'm f**king pissed at the fact the trainers are sha**ed!

    OK OK maybe I did a bit more thinking about it, but it was only a few laps around the local parks over the weeks (maybe three) so that does not even get me up to 50Km in total I should think.. Night all :)

    *Nice link Hartman, I am going to give myself the wet-test in the morning before I go as I don't think we have any type of special shops for footwear here in Northampton, there is nothing special here!
  7. Well done on your trek, I have just seen your link (I did not know it was you at all)
    *Such a cool & very hard trek to do, Hope you enjoyed it and are not feeling to whacked after your run :)
  8. Try this