Trainers from Hell (& I aint talking about PTIs)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shiny_arse, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. MOD's - Sorry if this already exists somewhere had a quick butchers but couldn't see it.


    :arrow: I'm sorry but 50 bleeding quid - they would go really well with my backpack though. Get a bollocking for wearing them in the squash courts though.
  2. So, the Army PTIs have got their own trainers, and so have the RAF. I wonder if sappers can have some designed specifically for them, perhaps inspired by the Bailey Bridge?
  4. For the patriotic CHAV?
  5. I have to agree with smoojalooge ... they really are very gay. But so is that little backpack thing and the Harrington jacket !
  6. im going to get a few to put on ebay, walts will love it. Well they are call the special AIR service!
  7. I've heard that all the RAF REG blokes love to cut about camp wearing their TYPHOON'S ! :lol:
  8. Will they be delivered several years late?
  9. "Inspired by one of the world's most advanced combat aircraft..."

    How, exactly?

    "...the shoe is well styled and draws its smooth lines..."

    So why isn't it pointy with two silly little wings on the toecap?

    "...and all-round performance..."

    So it's equipped with two EJ200 turbofans and will do 1,321 mph at 36,090 ft amsl. I don't think so.

    "...from the inspired Eurofighter design."

    Inspired by what? A pair of tacky trainers perhaps.

    And the crabs wonder why we cack ourselves laughing at them. :roll:
  10. And can they only be used on prepared runways? Or will they become de rigeur for taxying?
  11. Can you fit two people in those Typhoon trainers like the training Typhoons pictured behind?
  12. I fyou picked off the RAF logos on them you could pass them off as a pair of chav style lambrettas. But then again you just wouldnt bother in the first place really
  13. [

    And there was I thinking that all RAF REG blokes WERE camp!quote="backblast"]I've heard that all the RAF REG blokes love to cut about camp wearing their TYPHOON'S ! :lol:[/quote]
  14. And they're probable as much use as a Crab on a .......


    Well - as a Crab. end of!
  15. Beats the hell out of the G10 for men black flat plimsoles, I repeat plimsoles I was issued in basic training in 1966. And before you start to take the piss I can still do a BFT in under 15 mins.