Trainers for running?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mcclurg, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Any suggestions? I'm thinkin the sh1tty £10 5 year old TK Maxx ones aren't doing me any good...

    I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but i wanna be able to run without my ankles taking a total bashing.. I acc. find running easier in my boots tbh
  2. You might get the piss ripped out of you but i why not use the trainers designed for the Army and trialed by the Army i have a pair and i have never had any complaints!

    they are called PT 03 and retail for abot £60 depending where you get them from.
  3. Get to a proper running shop and have your gait assessed, they'll then give you a few options as to what you should get. The places I've been to have only ever suggested quite reasonably priced shoes - about £50-£60

    If you're in London then in Victoria are excellent, as are

    Recommendations for specific shoes from mates aren't much use, as their running style may be completely different from yours.
  4. Pikey.
  5. I went to a Sweatshop store and had my running style assesed to find the best trainer for me after getting fed up with your usual shite from a sports shop. Went through loads of different ones but found a pair that were spot on. Couldnt reccomend the store highly enough.
  6. actually i find the ones issued by the army rather comfortable...ive had no shin and legs pains from them
  7. I use the issue runners with sorbothane (think i spelt that wrong!) insoles which has stopped my shin pain. you can pick up the insoles in millets where you get a 10% discount with your MOD90.
  8. i find Reebok classics good for running.

    Don't get Nike TN's as you will be called a chav
  9. Pikey.
  10. dont be a tramp i see your a ranger (TA) get your ass to belfast to up ad running they will video you running and tell you what type of trainer you will need to stop shinsplints and other problems all for around 55 quid the trainers will last a good bit and you will feel better for them
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I never had any problems with general military fiz, sports afternoon runs etc. when I was younger, and trainers were not as good as now. In fact apart from my own training, the choice was usually boots or boots, and occasionally crappy white plimsoles.
    But if you up the intensity and mileage for competition or course prep you will find correctly fitted trainers will reduce and correct foot impact, thereby aiding recovery time/stiffness and reducing the likelyhood of muscle injuries.
    Also as the miles/years pile up you will be glad you looked after yourself, you will get away with things at 25 that you will not at 35 and 45 (not that I would know about the later).
    Get on a treadmill and learn how your footfall is, and invest the 50 quid for both now and the longer term.
  12. reebok classics are the sign of a chav just like burberry :D

    i run in my football boots round my local park. its 0.5 miles around it so its a good workout
  13. get yourself down to a well known local sports shop, not one of the massive JJB esque chains with half trained monkeys, but the family shops with decades of experience inside.
    end of the day everybody is different, although i have heard great reviews of the PT03.

    best bet really is to go to a small shop with the expertise, get fitted etc then buy them off t'internet for cheaper

    and always ask about MOD discount, most places i've tried are open to suggestions, whilst large chains aren't.
  14. I second getting checked out at a runnning store.. you will get shoes that work for you and will help you stay injury free.. expect to pay 60-80 quid but it's well worth it, at the end of the day a pair of crappy Nike's are going to be about 10 or 20 quid cheaper and will fcuk up your legs so why not pay the bit extra?

  15. Personally i've found asics trainers to be really good especially for high mileage, used mine for training up to and including edinburgh marathon about 3 weeks ago. Can't recommend using a dedicated running shop highly enough, fit is THE most important part of shoe choice, one thing worth asking is if they have last years model shoes left. You can therefore get shoes hardly different from current years model much much cheaper ( got £110 shoes for £65).