Trainers and Suits! Its so wrong

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. I know its creeping into acceptable fashion these days, but on my way to work this morning I became very aware of many many suit wearing professionals, all wearing fecking trainers with their suits?? I know that the average feet of todays public are getting softer but can someone tell me WHY are they doing this. I remember when I went through training I had to wear a suit and before exiting camp I had to pull my strides up to present socks non white with proper shoes. Let me just say this to all London workers who wear semi formal wear - NO NO NO! I'd rather wear a pair of boots combat high than a pair of fecking nike trainers. Get a grip you kunts. If anyone here wears trainers with a suit or pair of trollies then you should hack yer feet off with the dorsal finn of a monk fish!!!! 8O
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Big difference between wearing them to work, and wearing them at work. Lots of Laydees wear them to work as well, more comfy - but put on black Feck-me shoes when operating....
  3. It's yet another 'thing' to migrate here from the States. Personally, I consider it to be a sartorial aberration, and right up there with those who mix their tack: brown leather belts with black shoes; and those who mix town with country: the blacks, greys & blues of the city, with the earthy shades of the shires. It's brown brogues for the shoot, and black Oxfords for tea at the Ritz. Individuals who choose to mix sportswear with other clothing are clearly cnuts, who should be ritually disembowelled and have their miserable entrails drawn through Saville Row & Jermyn St. The world has gone quite mad.

    Shocked of Elmswell
  4. yes i agree looks scruffy :)

    one of the first things a women looks at is footwear and i wouldnt look twice at a bloke wearing trainers and a suit!

    get some decent shoes ffs

    blondy :)
  5. On the subject of socks... I always thought wearing, say, black socks with black shoes and/or trews was the correct thing, but someone I know says it's white socks with black shoes... but that looks bloody awful.

    Which one of us is right?
  6. the only sox that should be worn are arrse socks :)

    classy with all foot wear even flip flops :)
  7. Kolya that would depend entirely on whether one wishes to look like their mother dressed them for kindergarten, they are going for a schoolgirl or schoolboy look (white knee high of course), or whether they wished to look like a productive non-windowlicking member of society. Dark pants/skirt, dark socks/stockings, dark footwear is the better option. If one must wear light coloured trousers/skirt then the only sensible options are light coloured socks/skintone stockings.

    As for the suits with trainers abomination :roll:
    Sloppy, very sloppy turn out IMHO and should result in the individual being hosed off with battery acid until they see the error of their ways. I am seeing it more often and it really grips me as it is just down to laziness and softness. Get a decent pair of boots/shoes and break them in correctly. Blisters heal and pain is only in your mind!
  8. I just wear them en route then change once I'm there
  9. You deserve to be stomped on by a thousand trainers, worn of course by big hairy arrsed blokes in suits.

  10. Just my opinion mind, but I thought that the suit/pumps combo was de riguer for the Weegie homeless.
  11. I thought that was the dress code for Irish labourers, wear a suit to work even though you working "on de building dere fella" with a brand spanking new pair of white trainers from primark, the only thing they have to show from last weeks wages apart from the can of special brew their saving for lunch.
  12. At a Wedding I went to to a few weeks ago, there was a fella wearing a rather smart dark suit which was ruined by a bright white pair of road slappers, far from looking fashionable he looked like a complete tool.
  13. The best one is the various chavs/cnuts loitering outside the court house waiting to go in, wearing (i shit you not!) Black suit very funeral looking, accompanied by white trainers and burberry sun visor. Absoloutely priceless. Load of cnuts!

  14. You sir, represent everything that is wrong in society.

  15. Thank you!