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Trainer Cleaner - Who uses what?

What do you propose I wear down the gym then . . . .
Tweeds. Has the added advantages of a) saving you a trip to the sauna, and b) stopping unwanted gym queens from approaching you as warm, wet tweed smells of what they manufacture it with...

Never having bought a pair of trainers in my life, or had any of our children in trainers, I strongly suggest you ditch them, and purchase real footwear, as they have a tendency to rot kids feet. Real leather shoes are far more healthier, cheaper, than the con that are high branded "designer" types and last longer.....just a few random thoughts!!
This is you on a " casual" day is it not ?.
images (2).jpeg
I used to use Punch Trainer cleaner to fresher up my and the kids trainers, but it seems to have been dropped from most mainstream stores.

It's still available online from independents, but at ridiculous prices, and as I'm half Scottish . . . .

Does anyone use anything else that works that doesn't rot the footwear like normal detergents?

Also don't say anything manual with a brush etc. I'm too lazy!
Maneul with a brush......... If you can get him a visa
You can get dettol anti bac wash, I use that and then scrub afterwards. I do that for all my boots. Remember if it’s leather you will have to condition it.

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