Trainee 'saves' aircraft.

If that's the case then I'm a hero, not only for saving my own life but the crusty old RAF instructor too,

On my Grading down at Wallop in '96, on my pre-flight checks I noticed the fuel cap wasn't tight enough on the Port wing of the Chipmunk for my satisfaction.
The groundy (some snotty nosed civvie teenager) stolled over and tightened it.

Phew, my quick thinking action avoided a catastrophic and deadly air that could have killed thousands.

Do I qualify for a medal?
Not in any way a dig but am I missing something?
Pilot does preflight and finds leak, essentially.
An alternative title could well be "Junior Officer Follows SOPs".

Could this be a slide into the US medal culture? The Mechanical Maintenance Medal (MMM or, in the currently favoured vernacular, M3) with clasps for "Preventative", "Reactive" and "Bodged with hammer and black nasty"?
Look, don't be so bloody acerbic, the army is merely taking a leaf out of the air-force book of self publicity.

Well done! Play the game. Play on. Play on.
**** me, I should have both of sides of my chest plastered in medals and citations. What with five girls and TSO I am permanently saving lives; from toast stuck and being removed from a live toaster with a knife, looking the wrong way when crossing the road on holiday and other stuff.....


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I found a Land Rover with a leak once, then another and another and another. In fact they all leaked, did I get such praise? 'just drive the ******* thing or you'll be doing pokey drill until you're a hundred'. It's just so unfair.


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A couple of days ago I averted a major accident on the motorway by my quick reactions.

I spotted my tyre pressure was low and pumped it up.
“He was able to break his mission bubble and place safety at the forefront of his mind.”

Eh?? Is the mission bubble part of the gyro?
Pop down the stores and ask for one.

He's at a Joint School... you'd like to think the Army and Navy lads would be holding up the standards, apparently not.

Fcuking 'mission bubbles' what tw4t came up with that.

I once checkked my Bedfords Oil level at a stop over to Poland... turned out it was low. So I filled it up. No medal for this C/S.
Apparantly, the RAF Regt are fuming that this story broke on the same day that they were due to do a big commemorative piece celebrating the lifting of the barrier at KAF for the ten thousandth time...
He get's to save his life and that of the instructor by doing what he is supposed to do as part of the routine of safe flying. I'm probably the 10th person on this thread to to state the obvious eh!
As long as his mates have dented his bank account via his mess bill... who cares?

And by dented, I mean a scenaro somewhat similar to the Lochnagar Crater on the Somme. Only such a world class ravaging of ones finances would make amends for such a write up and make beleive medal.
I got a pat on the back for spotting the filler cap on a Gazelle gearbox was hanging off during start checks at Aldergrove. Got a Comd Avn "well done" certificate and everything as apparently it wasn't something us groundies were expected to check, being complete neanderthals and all that.

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