Trainee Pilot overcomes fear of heights

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by RAF_RSS, Jul 18, 2012.

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  2. :rofl:
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  3. Finally, an informative RSS feed!

    Any news on what the chefs are up to this afternoon and what the weather's like in desert areas?
  4. Jesus wept. :roll:
  5. lol...nice one...!! More informative that the real RAF feed :)
  6. I want to see a TA_RSS feed - now that would be interesting!
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  7. In a RAF medical centre yesterday there was a poster advertising a 'Fear of Flying' course for servicemen! I had to do a double take and check we weren't still in April....
  8. It would only generate stories on Tuesday eevnings and every other weekend though. ;-) And being a STAB, I can laugh at this.
  9. Do the MoD not have anything better to do than report non storys? They RAF are disbanding in a few years anyway...I heard.
  10. Is there an ACF_RSS? It would keep saying it was a real RSS and in fact more important than other RSSs when it was publishing articles about Cadet Safety.
  11. Opsec FFS !!

    I happen to have a mate 'over there' at the moment. He said that the Chefs have been cooking food for a wide range of people both men and women and the weather is really hot during the day and not so hot at night . Just keep this schtum or Mum maybe even zipped .
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  12. Apparently the RAF have stopped annual testing of their personnel's ability to tie their own boots. This is due to cost cutting measures and the general perception that after nearly 100 years, they still can't do it.
  13. I do wish they would expand the LIKE bit to include:

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  14. Jesus wept. So did I still laughing.
  15. Best windup in a long time :)