Trainee Journalist seeks thoughts on future of TA

Apologies for gatecrashing this thread. My name is Daniel Bennett. I'm a trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield doing an MA in Broadcast journalism and am an interested outside observer. I'm very interested in this thread, as it raises a lot of issues around the changing nature of the TA.

I'd like to know whether you think what is being posted on this thread means that the TA is effectively going to be stealthily phased out given OAR, regular and TA integration and the reliance of the Army on TA operations. Is this the beginning of the end of the TA as we know it today?

I was also wondering if anyone would be willing to be interviewed about their life in the TA, particularly commenting on recent changes under FAS.

I've got to do a ten minute TV or radio documentary and want to do something on the armed forces as I've done a lot of prevous historical research into the British Army in WW1 and WW2.

I should point out that it won't be broadcast anywhere though I can obviously make it even more anonymous if need be. Please email if you are interested.
The_Duke said:
Bennett the Sheffield OTC walting airsofter?

Do one
Thats slightly unhelpful.

Dan - you really are a trainee journalist aren't you ?

A few basic rules:

a. Don't blow your cover straightaway - you need to become an accomplished liar if you're ever going to get a job with a decent paper like the Daily Mirror for example.

b. Decide what conclusion you want to come to.

c. Select some quotes which support your conclusion.

d. If the source is a bit dodgy, just say "according to a reliable source" - it worked for No 10 in 2003.

e. If the source is a bit schizo you can say "sources" instead of "source" which makes it sound even better.

f. Almost anyone in the Army can legitimately be described as a "senior officer" - past their sell by date LCpls are ideal for this purpose.

g. Note that one of the contributors to this thread describes himself as GOC 2 Div - make sure that you quote him extensively and attribute the quotations properly ( I wonder if a thermo-nuclear explosion within Crazyhall can be observed south of the border?)

h. Try to bring in the phrase "Angry squaddies said....." somewhere in your report. This can be applied to anything from the price of AG's new kitchen to the fact that someone somewhere might have been denied the chance to look at Linda Lusardi's baps - which reminds me that "it's political correctness gone mad" can generally be fitted in as well.

i. I can knock up some faked pics of SaBRE "top brass" (another phrase you should use if at all possible) p!ssing on the heads of returned jobless "Terriers" if that would be useful. I know a guy who can lend me a 4 tonner.

j. My invoice for an Archer in used notes which is to be left at the main gate of RTMC is winging its way to you as I write.

Hope this helps !

1) Please don't gatecrash threads, just start a new one

2) Those who are serving are not permitted to contact the press, unless they are in an official capacity.

The rest of you:

Journalists won't get everything right all of the time, but let's at least try to get the relationship off on the right foot.


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