Trainee doctor and RAMC

I am a friend of a student who is about to start the first university year training as a doctor at Keele. He's come to it a bit late having done some work in hospices and charity work in South Africa, but still in his early 20s.

He went back to college and applied and got accepted depending on his results and has just got an A in Geography and A* in Physics, Biology and Chemistry and starts in Sept/Oct.

He thought about applying for the RM a couple of years ago, but decided his knees weren't up to it, but believes he is fit enough for general service. He's going to the gym regularly to bulk/muscle up and is running etc.

He intends to apply to join the services as a doctor and asked me which would be best and, even though I'm ex RAF I have suggested the Army. What what he has said I believe he has researched enough to know that they'll pay his uni fees and a salary after year 3 (it's a 6 year course!).

He has asked me what he should read up on and learn for interviews and what other activities would be seen favourably.

I have told him the usual on reading up on the RAMC history, current army operations and theatres, career structure etc etc but would be grateful for some help in giving him more explicit guidance.

You can reach me here or via Pprune or email.

Thank you

Do what my mate did, join the RMR for three years, get commando and para trained and then apply for a medical cadetship with the RN. He went from being Mne to Surg-Sub Lt overnight and they paid for his last three years of med school. After his house officer jobs and general naval training he saved himself the time and effort of having to do the AACC and walked straight into a decent job with 3 Cdo Brigade and never looked back
As stated he doesn't believe his knees are up to serving as a RM, but should be OK for the Professional Entrant course.

I am more looking for advise for preparing himself for the selection interviews.
Tell him to contact Mr Robert Kirby, Academic Director of Surgery for Keele University and Hospital Dean for UHNS. He can be found at Room FF12, Keele University School of Medicine.

Mr Kirby's father, Maj Gen (R) Norman Kirby, was Col Cmdt RAMC 1987 -1992.


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