Trained or Untrained that is the question!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Hack_da_world, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone noticed lately that those jobs in the Corps that require a level of additional or specialist skill are being filled by people who don't have the requisite training?

    I thought we had go past all that years ago! But it seems to be back.
  2. Please be specific?
  3. Anyway, I thought all the jobs in the Corps required 'a level of additional or specialist skill'
    Are you on the higher pay band under false pretences??
  4. Well. I disagree

    You cannot do an Imagery tour without doing th UKIAC

    You can't do FHT without doing some form of DHU course and you cannot do the obvious without the Q or W. And you can hardly be a linguist if you can't speak a foreign language.

    Please specify where you think the problem lies.
  5. Not strictly true, I know of several people that were sent on HUMINT tours (not as collators) that had no formal training. Like most people in the Corps, they simply adapted and got on with it. Just because you haven't done it the JSIO/SIW way, doesn't mean you can't do it.
  6. I wasn't aware of that Op Int & Spy, I thought you had to do a course of some description. I stand corrected. Your are indeed correct when you say that people just adapt and get on with it, that is one of our strengths as a corps. All thise guys thet went to NI in the very early 90's for their first tour had absolutely no training for that theatre, only how to slow down the progress of the 3rd Shock Army.

    Eye_spy retires to dream about the good old days of the 3rd SA, grumble grumble Magdeburg grumble grumble
  7. There always was was a course which you were supposed to do, but with a shortfall of trained personnel and the Corps legendary admin (which has thankfully improved, slightly) Operators were just thrust into the deep end. Still what better way to prove yourself than on Ops eh!
  8. personally i found that the principles taught on A3 and A2 stood me in very good stead for just that sort of situation - having to deal with cascons etc, debriefing (but not handling). bos in 95 was a very good teaching ground, and i learnt a hell of a lot just through doing it.

    of course, everyone i ever spoke to got topped by the opposition, but still ;)
  9. At the risk of swinging the lamp, my posting to Dhofar in 1975 was brought forward and I missed out on the Arabic course at Beaconsfield (nine weeks - all I would ever need ...) and I left Ashford with thw words ringing in my ears, "don't worry, you'll pick it up as you go along".
  10. ... not to mention the very early 70s ...
  11. and we still have no idea which jobs/post were questioned at the start of the thread.
  12. think the young man has lost interest.
  13. Square pegs and round holes has always been a Glasgow priority. Never mind finding qualified people for the "specialist" posts
  14. Gordon Bennett! There was a Situation in Northern Ireland before the 90's? I don't know, so long ago... bovril...