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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jerrycan2793, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Got a train Ticket from Beverley to Cosham travelling tomorrow, The Direct route takes me through london with all my kit including some tube transfers.

    Dont really fancy that.

    My ticket says any route permitted, it was provided by the army and is a the cheapest ticket possible, no time restrictions though. Will I be able to avoid london without getting booted off the train do you think?

    and avoiding london?
  2. oldbaldy

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  3. Nightmare sorry
  4. Go through London, One 4 stop tube journey is hardly a chore and will certainly be easier than any alternative.
  5. If you're not familiar with London...

    After you get off the train at St Pancras, go down the escalator and keep walking forward through the station and through any of the arched doorways near the end. Go down the stairs that lead to your left and enter the Tube system through the barriers that will then be on your right.

    Once through the barriers, go down the stairs to your right. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left. This is the westbound platform of the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. (It's also the platform for the Metropolitan Line but you DON'T get on one of those trains). As you come onto the platform, nudge left about 10m - some trains are short, so you'd end up running.

    Catch any Circle or Hammersmith & City trains (it's shown on the front of the train and also on the platform indicators) and get off at Paddington. DON'T get on a Metropolitan Line train - they don't go to Paddington.

    edited to add:

    Paddington is the FIFTH stop, CQMS must have fallen asleep. :)
  6. I was basing it upon him going to Victoria which has a direct service to Cosham, he could also of course be going to Waterloo. I didn't know you could also do it from Paddington. I should have asked his intended route.
  7. Yeah I need to be at victoria, Ive sorted my journey out thanks guys
  8. You could avoid London, it will mean about 8hrs on the train(s) though:

    0744dep Beverley to Sheffield arr 0928
    0954dep Sheffield to Bristol Temple Meads arr 1242
    1323dep Bristol TM - Cosham arr 1535

    scenic route indeed!
  9. I found that route but not sure if i can take it on my ticket
  10. :oops: You're right, of course. You can't do it from Paddington. Shows how often I travel by National Rail (well, apart from the daily commute).

    But it is easier to get to Paddington than to Victoria or Waterloo... ;)