Train strike

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bradshaw, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, I AM A BACKSLIDING CNUT, most of you probobly know the train services are on strike today, which is a major drama for me because ive got 24 hours of guard duty tomorrow and no bastid way of getting there. I wont be the only one either, there is going to be some pissed off lads stagging on not getting relieved because of this. Whats pissed me off the most is we all got issued rail warrants for today when the army should of known they were on strike because it was announced in advance. Of course if i had NOT BEEN A BACKSLIDING CNUT and been more organized i may have had some alternative way of getting there, but how the bastard hell was i ment to know they were going on strike?
    Isnt there someone who should know about this sort of thing?
    Can see myself getting a proper grilling when i get back off leave, AS I AM WORTHLESS NO SPINE TOSSER, we been fed with horror stories of bieng sent to colchester for bieng classed as awol for one day.
    Anybody know how true this is?

    p.s. Has anybody got any contact numbers for vimy barracks, itc catterick. Been phoning the number i have and its telling me unrecognized fucking number.
  2. not all trains are being cancelled just most so get to the train station and see what you can do,

    or get a coach.
  3. Hitch a lift you lazy b@stard.

    I'm sure some beefy trucker will oblige in return for a do on your virginial arse.
  4. My Bold. So you weren't listening then? Do you expect everything to be done/sorted/organised for you? Got legs have you? Start walking.
  5. Bradshaw you useless cnut, you have over 12 hours to get there...... I could get to Bangladesh on a tractor by then.

    Hire a car, blag a lift, get a bus, get ten buses...... then when you get to camp, go to the gaurd commander and say 'I truly am a waste of skin, please take my uniform off me and boot me back out of the gate, I show no initiative, I just want to whine on an internet forum I am only ever going to be a burden on any unit that employs me'

    Why not get a lift back via castle convoy and drop his money in?
  6. :p :lol: :lol: :lol: Quality
  7. Issuing you with a warrant on New Years Day was an initiative test with inbuilt sickner.

    They wanted to find out what you were made of and whether you could hack it.
    Seems, you are not made of much and you can't.

    Phew! No wonder we are losing the f'uckin' war.
  8. They knew and so must you have known.

    Should have got a warrant to travel back a day early- yes?
  9. And I could get from Oxford to Paddington via First Late Western
  10. Bradshaw, are you still piSSed?

    Announcing that you are disorganised with no idea there was a rail strike while blaming the Army because they were not aware of a forseen strike announcement is a contardiction that WILL get you filled in by your buddies who are stagging on for you. On the brightside, losing both legs in a car accident then dragging yourself 18 miles to the guardroom on your stumps losing 7 pints of blood on the way may buy you a little sympathy, anything less and your in the shite.
  11. So insted of coming on to ARRSE and bitching about the trains would it not be more sensible to go find some transport!
    If you knew that the trains were going to strike should you not have thought "oh dear I may not be able to get home. let me use my initiative installed in me by the army and get home earlier! therefore avoiding getting b'llocked for being late for work" - Simple surely!!
    Even I have managed to get myself home!! The world does not stop just because the trains feck up (we should be used to that by now) took me 5 hours to do an 1.5hr journey but I still got back!!! Get your arrse down to the station or phone them and ask how you can get home, as said it may take longer but you will get there eventually!!
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Seconded. However in the spirit of New Year;

    Bradshaw where are you travelling from? There are still trains running to Darlington at least from pretty much anywhere in the UK.
  13. Travelling to Darlington to stag on for new year? What a depressing thought. Play dead Bradshaw.
  14. Unfortunately, you're not being "fed horror stories".

    Your chances of getting off the hook are not good, and any excuse is only likely to worsen your pain. Get yourself back, take it on the chin and enjoy your 28 days colly.

    Just for references, you need to get moving. Anything over 24 hours is dessertion and some very nasty things could happen.