Train Station for Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by tsar_Nikolas, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. tsar_Nikolas

    tsar_Nikolas Old-Salt


    I'll be attending the Sandhurst Pre course briefing soon, and looking through the joining instructions I can't find the correct station to go too. I'm pretty sure it's Camberley, is that correct?


    Tsar Nick
  2. Lt_George

    Lt_George Old-Salt

    Correct, it's Camberley.
  3. tsar_Nikolas

    tsar_Nikolas Old-Salt

    Awesome, thanks
  4. It depends where you're coming from. Camberley station is the closest, but there is a station at Sandhurst, and another at Blackwater.
  5. You are travelling by public transport ............ and you want to be a Rupert?

    Oh dear what are we coming to.
  6. It all depends if you live near Camberley. If not I suggest the nearest station to your house would be your starting point.
  7. Von-Ryan

    Von-Ryan Old-Salt

    A station at Sandhurst? Where? Blackwater and Camberley yes. Sandhurst? Must have missed it?
  8. Von-Ryan

    Von-Ryan Old-Salt

    Ah that "Sandhurst" - the sh1thole town that is nowhere near the actual RMAS Sandhurst? Good place to get off if you like a long walk. It's closer to Yateley than it is to RMAS! Useful info for a pedant. Less useful if you just wanted to go to RMAS!
  9. Hat20

    Hat20 LE

    Awesome you had to ask!
  10. Von-Ryan

    Von-Ryan Old-Salt

    Looks like Tsar Nick might have benefitted from a little Rowco training:

    Ejected from back of truck en route back to RMAS from exercise. Instructed to return under own steam asap. Walk up to farmhouse with ID card and 10p left in pockets after strip search.
    "Hello Mr Old MacDonald where am I?"
    "Well boyo"...(something unpronounceable and delivered with much spit)
    "Ah - still in Wales then..."

    Memories, memories..
  11. Redcap

    Redcap Old-Salt

    Surely officer types arrive in an open top sports car that daddy bouht them.
  12. Well thanks for that ever-so constructive personality critique, now go stand in the corner.
    Camberley is obviously the station of choice, IF you live along the line that serves it. If however, you are coming from say, Oxford, Reading or Bath, then the Sandhurst/Blackwater option may be preferable, as it is a direct line.
    If the two mile walk from Sandhurst station to Old College via the College Town (back) gate is too taxing, you may like to consider catching a cab, or better still, joining the RAF.
  13. Is a map the best thing to suggest under the circumstances ? Officers and maps and all that