Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Norfolknchance, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Just read in the Daily Wail about the train driver who missed out on 20 points for missing a chav pushing a pram (sorry, 50 points, 30 extra for occupied pram!)

    "A mother recklessly pushes a pram over a railway crossing in front of a moving train. The impatient mother ignored a red warning light at the level crossing and began to cross the uneven tracks, while other pedestrians waited patiently for the train to pass.

    Pushing It: The red lights are on and the train is moving away from the station, but this woman pushes her baby into the path of danger as she walks across the tracks

    As she crossed, the tracksuit-clad woman realised the Sprinter was accelerating towards her and broke into a run to reach the other side.
    The incident,which left observers stunned and horrified, was captured on CCTV at Wareham station in Dorset."

    Read more:

    IMHO, these train drivers should be given extra tuition to enable them to creep up stealth-like so that the mangled remains of chav plus chavette carrier can be dragged along the rails for all to see!

  2. very poor drills by the driver , obviously needs extra training
  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    For some reason females seem to think that having a pushchair in front of them makes them invincible to any type of injury.

    On many occasions I have seen young mothers almost cause pile ups when crossing the road.

    It's one of life's great mysteries I suppose.
  4. In reagard to this, if the train companies got there trains running on time they might hit a few :) thus causing a drop in chav population!
    The only downside is then the police have to attend to pick up the chav bits, which in turn takes them away from doing other anti chav work...
  5. Also means they can injure anyone in their way as well. Had to jump out the road of two chav bitches pushing chav carts the other day. One on the phone to whoever f-ing and blinding at the top of her voice (surprised you never heard her) and the other texting. Not a care in the world with 2 chavettes screaming and them careering down the High Strasse. Shooting's too good for them.
  6. Never could figure this one out myself. The A38, Gloucester Road, through Bristol is notorious. Mum with baby in pram wants to cross road. Does she use crossing 50m away? Does she f%$k. Tries stepping out from between a line of parked cars pushing the pram out in front!!

    What is this, some kind of litmus test? If the kid survives - I will too.

    I was a train driver for British Rail '85 - '93. Dumbasses doing things like this puts your heart in your mouth and your lunch in your socks.
  7. The down side has many sides. :roll:

    Loss of train crew, loss of a complete train (unit) for days/weeks, closure of line for police, ambulance, sometimes fire crews, inconvenience to passengers on that train. Then there are the knock on effects; service disruption due to, line closure, displaced train crews, cancellations etc.

    Out of curiosity, how many of these have you witnessed/helped clean up or been a part of?

    Last week, my old company had 5 fatalities in 5 days and it's not even near Christmas yet!
  8. Ah the comments below it make me weep. Is the entire readership of the Daily Wail this stupid?
  9. Its because having kids makes you thick...
  10. To answer your question. One i picked up pieces from the Southall train accident in 2005 where the asian woman jumped in front of a train with her small child. I am fully aware of the implications of such an incident occuring. But as many people do to deal with such images and memories apply a certain black humour to it.
    One of the most inconsiderate ways to kill yourself is to do it using a train, the only other that i feel can cause more trauma is when people attempt to commit suciside by armed police / military.
  11. So the Sprinter was outsprinted.

  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    This 'Cars bounce off pushchairs' phenomenon is something of a mystery, and in all fairness it's not just chavettes that indulge in it.

    Would any of our lady members like to explain why suddenly launching a pushchair in front of heavy traffic (with no warning of course) is conducive with the best interests of your child and yourself?

    And why do you always aim the pushchairs at people's shins and ankles whilst out shopping?

    I would love to know the answer to this enigma.
  13. Fair enough. Southall, remember it well!

    I know exactly what you mean, been party to some 'funny' incidents myself, including a dozy pillock jumping in front of a stopper! 8O

    Must admit, they give good BBQ ideas. :wink:
  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I came off my moped in Portsmouth some years ago for this very reason. There was 16 year old me, merrily riding to the dockyard one morning, when from behind a parked Transit came a pushchair with a child in it directly into the road and in my path. I swerved, missed the pushchair by inches, fell off and narrowly avoided being crushed by a bus, bike was wrecked. It was only then that the driver of the pushchair decided to have a look out from behind the Transit to see if the road was clear.

    Those cheeky loveable mums eh!
  15. Well yes having a BBQ straight after dealing with a one under would be hard to the core!

    Peronally there are lots of incidents that i will never forget, not all to do with going under trains but southall sticks as it was my first and had personal finds approx 200 meters down the track. Luckily for me i got out of that mob, giving me time to flurish in other roles...