Train..if we get cash. Fight noone good we hope!



ULAN EAGLE cancelled.

Let's hope that track mileage won't keep us out of the next war.  Still, no doubt we'll get some beat-up time before Sadam / whoever decides that our time is up.

Cynical?  Me?
I agree.  It is appalling.  The gov't want a world class army to do its bidding but won't pay for it.

How are they going to fudge the Brigade's CP5.  As an ex member of 12 Mech Bde, then only brigade to ever deploy to BATUS, complete except for the RANGLIANS, and to achieve a realistic CP5 on a TESEX I hate to think how inexperienced to ULAN EAGLELESS Brigade will fair.

Will the Army have to be as far up Shits Creek as the NHS beore anything will be done - or do we need to lose a war?

'Ton need to get a grip.

PS It was good to see that Black Rod got his measure - a prime example of the integrity of the Armed Forces vs the snake like slipperyness and deviousness of a publicity obsessed spin merchant masquarading as a Prime Minister
Come on Flip Flop.... you must know that all future exercises will be played out on computer simulation.

Some people think that is a bad thing, but with the new generation of soldiers not being used to wet and cold weather (or even weather for that matter!) and having the experience of playing computer games their entire lives, I'm sure they will really do well in front of the monitor.

Add to the requirement of real estate being nil, the fact that each player will only need a 2 Ltr bottle of Coke and couple of bags of crisps to keep going for a full 24 hours.

I'm sure they will do so well that all we need to do is post the hi-scores on the internet and no right minded super power or tin pot dictatorship will have the b@lls to even think about taking us on in a real war.

There is of course a 10 tonne tipper outside with the appropriate size 'pinch of salt'!  ;D
Plant Pilot I enjoyed the joke but there are some people in the MOD, especially the spotty ones who enjoy dungeons and dragons and wear suits their whole working lives who might ask what is so funny.  They think it is a good idea and the only salt they will find is on their chips - be warned.
Here we go again!

BATUS, the "premier CA training in the British Army".  My ARRSE!  Track mileage strikes again and cuts down MEDMAN3.  Road moves cut down to single figure kilometre distances as we cannot afford to drive further.
"No sir, I'm afraid you cannot go right flanking into Iraq, the approach is too long and 1 Div have already allocated their extra mileage for this year.  Looks like it's hey diddle diddle for the boys.  Terribly sorry."

I see a pattern developing F_Sp bloke!
....and of course, with the AS90's quoted barrel problems, it won't be bags o' smoke.....

More like, well there's your round, your chaps had better sprint PC...

Which wouldn't be so bad, if the bayonets and gat weren't so arrse. :mad:
AS-90.  Barrel problems?

You should see the remains of the one currently on the prarie which exploded in a Jerry Bruckheimer-esque fashion, distributing itself liberally aver a wide area!

Still, that gun's track mileage can now be distributed amongst the rest of the fleet, so too could the ammo!
And it just gets better...

Now we cannot even drive our AFVs to the workshops without prior approlval from the next gang up, track miles being the reason.  Luckily none of us will be on LATF before long so it wont matter that we wont be physically capable of driving out of the gate.

WTF is going on?
Why does the Army train?

"Thorough training is one weapon that every nation can give its soldiers before committing them to battle, but since war usually come as an unexpected emergency, this training must be done in peace.  Until world order is accomplished fact it will always be a crime to excuse soldiers from the training that will give them a decent chance of survival.  Many of the crosses on this battlefield are witnesses to this truth."

General Eisenhower, Tunisia 1943.

And we can see the next one coming!!  So, come on Tone.  If you want us to do the business, give us the cash to train.
Anybody out there undergoing a mental training regime that could have been sorted out before Christmas?

If only someone had made the decision to train for 'potential operations' (which we are still doing since we are not at war as far as I am aware), then maybe this ridiculous rushing around at 5 minutes to h-hour.

It is sickening that our political masters, who do not have a military bone in their weaselly lefty bodies, have risked us in this way.

ULAN EAGLE cancelled.  Top idea for a Brigade which finds itself about to deploy on (potential warfighting) ops.  I hope the bean counters are happy.  I cannot believe what a false economy it was.  Cash for capability.  We could see this coming a mile off, and it would appear that nobody did anything about it, for the sake of saving an insignificant amount of cash.  Unacceptable.

What is even more disgraceful however is the way in which we were informed.  The chain of command would appear to run from the Hoon-Dog to the wives and eventually to us, using that well known G6 infrastructure Radio 4.  The chain of command have been made to look ridiculous.  And it wasn't even El Presidente (no surprises there) who announced the largest deployment since Malaya, rather he left it to one of his lackeys.

Having briefed soldiers for the last three months that they would be informed by the chain of command, and not to believe rumour or the media, we have let them down.  What is worse was the telephone calls from distraught wives asking why they had not been told about their husbands' deployment.  It is nothing short of disgusting that we are forced to operate like this.

My how I'm angry as another weekend bites the dust......and I'm not even tired wet or hungry yet.
Having briefed soldiers for the last three months that they would be informed by the chain of command,
I agree - There is no excuse for the chain of command not telling you first.

It is very unsettling for all concerned to hear things second hand or via another source - in particular the wives who have to put up with a lot. Signals are normally sent out before any Defence Statement but it may have taken too long to percolate down. This is not an excuse, as the chain of command (and we pride ourselves on communications don't we !) should have fast tracked it through.

Let your chain of command know how you feel - which I am sure you have ! Good luck
The chain of command is well aware.  Having spoken to relevant perople a couple of layers up (which is significant) they were left out of the loop.  The fact remained that we were expecting such an announcement but clearly someone screwed the pooch badly.

The problem is now at the coal face, the loss of faith in (and face of) the Chain is now likely (and probably understandably) to have serious repurcussions over the coming weeks.  We, unfortunately, as on org, have let ourselves be hoodwinked by the politicians, who seem to believe that these things called soldiers, live in glass boxes that say 'break in event of national drama', and are not people (I would have said 'like them' but clearly we are not!).

Some regaining to do by all of us I fear.

Furthermore, as can be sen from the dates of the earlier posts it's not like we didn't see this one coming either....

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