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Discussion in 'Travel' started by scuba_frog, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. On 7th November (or 6th) I need to travel by train from one end of the country to Lancashire to pick up an 8 week old German Shepherd for our daughter, train prices are an absolute mystery, dont know whether am coming or going with all the different options and ranges of prices. I understand there is a website that finds the cheapest packages providing you are booking a good month in advance, could anyone give me a link or some ideas please, that would be muchly appreciated!

    Ps... does anyone know why two singles can cost around the third of a price as the return ticket?!?!?!?
  2. Ring the gentleman in the Bangladesh call centre... He will (maybe) know
  3. National Rail

    The Train Line

    Google is your friend, you lazy beansprout.
  4. Sixty

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  5. Yes, National Rail Enquiries.......try ringing them with the same question, three times and see how many different answerrs you get....You guessed it.....three. £89 return.......£156 return........£112 return. However, after waiting almost fifteen minutes for the first answer, you really need a lot of time on your hands to try this.

    But thanks anyway - and yes, I am a lazy beansprout.
  6. Im with BT - I'm might as well learn to speak Bangladeshi the ammount of time I've spent with these people.
  7. i believe its actually pronounced cunt, as in
    goes with the territory though in your trade, no?
    ribbit ribbit :D
  8. She didn't say ring them. Just use the online enquiry form.
  9. Are you stalking me nebapneb - I've never had an interent stalker before so very flattered. Won't FB get a bit jealous? :) And yes, I only wnet into it as what other workplace is filled with beds. :)
  10. well you could have got a job at beds'r'us selling them
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    on a serious note,(but don't tell anyone) i have the utmost admiration for junior doctors
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  11. I think i might say, with some confidence, I am a clueless fcuking tard who sails eveery day on a wing and a prayer!! But I hope to learn and always take advce when offered. And I don't have a moonish face LOL. Can I ask what area you work in? PM if required.