Train Drivers....who do they think they are?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biscuits_AB, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Just get teh TA to do it.

    It can't be that hard... I mean driving a train is just using the brake and accelerator, no steering or gears.
  2. But think of all the people they'll save from listening to the Chris Martin and "The Boss" shit. They deserve something just for that.
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  3. I don't know how they can run the Metro. Nobody, but nobody actually pays for a ticket. The surge of Mackems legging through prized doors when BTP appears is an incredible spectacle. It's a useful one too; many of them leave Netto bags full of cans behind in their rush to escape the law.
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  4. That shows what you know of driving a train!..**** all! :razz:

    Biscuits, to really honest, I wouldn't class tube or metro drivers as train drivers, there is a world of difference between them and main line, both passenger and freight!
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  5. Choke point on modern cities.

    They will exploit their hold too.

    When they bring in driverless trains these bastards will fight it bitterly, not for reasons of safety but for fear of loosing their hold on the public purse.
  6. Envy. Tut, tut, tut, now that`s what this is all about isn`t it. You just resent the fact a Geordie can drive a train & you can`t. The good news is, they`re entitled to 50k for playing on their train set & you`re not. So there you are, just standing on the platform, looking in & whining about it.
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  7. Freight train driving didnt look to hard, push the pedal when it bleeps, push the button when it gives a different bleep, ensure your not speeding, ensure your full train is past the speed markers before you speed up. Red means stop, 2 orange means the next ones one orange, one orange means the next ones red and Green means go. Missed anything? Well done your all qualified train drivers good luck.
  8. Surely Bus drivers do more than Metro drivers , do they deserve £50k a year,? after all they have traffic to contend with , tickets to issue etc.
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  9. You never had the pleasure of driving an Army locomotive, mind you since 79 been disbanded not many others will either.
  10. The Toon Army ?
  11. At a guess? The fellas sitting at the front who make the trains go.
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  12. I am the man,
    who rides in a van,
    at the back of a train,
    I think the Driver is a Idiot,
    and he thinks I am the same.

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Still stalking me around the site then I see? You've never recovered from the death of your father have you? All those years, being left there, outside the warmth of 'tax free entitlement', you and your dear ol' mum, having to cut though the drudgery of German civilian life, abandoned by the Brits. Having to compete with the natives for jobs inside the wire. That isolated feeling of being neither German nor Brit. Must have ******* choked you, eh? And I bet it still does....hahahahahahhaha!

    Is your Mum still this side of the turf?