Train Driver?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by franklin, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Im not RLC, obvious or I wouldnt be asking!, but someone told me there was a trade of Train Driver/ Controller or something. Does anyone have experience in this trade and can give me more info i.e - training, general day to day work, deployments etc...

  2. RLC Railway Op. Out Lines the basics, get down to your ACO unless some one posts here... I put in for REME first but I put RLC as second but as air despatch not railway. :twisted:
  3. A misnomer I'm afraid, not the train driving that you would automatically think of as in the Mainline but shunting duties in railway yards. The controller you refer to is probably the qualification of Yardmaster
  4. Slightly of subject, but not far from Marchwood is the Hythe Pier. This curious looking thing below that pulls the passenger carraiges along the pier today, was used in a Mustard Gas factory near Avonmouth many moons ago!

  5. Stop telling the outsiders our secrets, you'll be thrown out of the lodge otherwise!
  6. Er, ok, in that case, you can join the army as a train driver and within 2 weeks you will be driving a very heavy locomotive at 100 miles an hour down the West Coast Mainline with a full squadron of CVRTs trailing behind you strapped on to flat wagons. And in the weekend, instead of guard duties, railwaymen are required to man the Royal train on standby.
    Its the truth - honest
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  7. You also forgot to mention the nuclear train that we run arund the country that does 300mph, cant say too much more though, its a bit hush hush old chap!
  8. and then you can leave after 3 years, a fully qualified train driver and just slot into any company within the UK and be on the mainline on your own in a fortnight!
  9. Fortnight? Pa! just give me the quail maps!
  10. Why would you want to drive a train for a living when you can have the joy of driving a LANDROVER. Think about it.
  11. Well we have double fun cos we do both!
  12. Especially when you get to drive the landrover onto the ramp wagon, then drive the train that pulls the ramp wagon with the landrover on. its great round here. 8O
  13. Ok I stand corrected it does sound like fun. I am not being horrible or anything like that so please dont take offence. I wanted to drive trains when i was 4years old noe that i have grown up (well I like to think so anyway) I find horrible to sit in one let alone drive one but like I said that is just my thinking. would you like to explain what is so great about driving a Train.
  14. In civvy street-money!
  15. It's easy, just wait for the next train drivers' strike, then we'll all be driving trains.