Train crushes railway sex couple


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Did the earth move for you too darling?

Yes, AND my leg fell off!
So they ignored the drivers shouts according to the report.
This would indicate that the driver was going slow enough to shout at them, as if they couldnt hear the train, yet he run them over anyway, heartless fatherless.
Either way, They should be up for a Darwin award :D


"I was a-comming, Liza was a-comming, but youse, the Engine Driver was the only person who had brakes!"

Darwin award for excellence 2009...............


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I suppose if there had only been one person it would have been known as "Thomas the Wank Engine".

Trains are delayed due to wrong type of spaff on the line.
I always thought Ivor the Engine was a bit of a barsteward, maybe they were trying to identify the tracks.....

Woman. There Bear tracks!
Man. No there Deer tracks.

Then the train hit them.

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