Trailwalker 2009


Apologies for this being my first post but hoping to get some support for one of my 'pet projects': myself plus a couple of ex-forces types - 2 x ex-REME (Andy Wood) and 1 ex-RAF (Keith Watson) have got five of our civvy colleagues off their backsides next weekend to take part in Trailwalker UK 2009, a 100 km sponsored trek along the South Downs in aid of the Gurkha Welfare Trust, the Army Benevolent Fund and O**am. Don't want to mention the latter too much but they have the organisational power and they'll only get a third of what we raise. We raised £6000 last year but that was before the credit crunch - if you'd like to assist three ex-forces plus five civvies to raise funds for at least two worthy causes, please visit and pledge us your support.
Many thanks - just in case!
Scotty Irving (ex-REME since July 2000)
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