Trails end camp, Calgary

There is 5 of us going out there. We fly out on Friday morning but have had very little information about the place and what there is to do there. Could anybody give me any info on it?

Also about any Bars/Clubs in Calgary that are a good night out. Have been told about a club called Cowboys that is full of good looking women. Any where else worh a look?

TEC is fair clip from Calagry its in the middle of nowhere takes about over a hour to get there. so its not as youll just be popping over. Take your loonies (Can dollar) for the beer machine on camp. Thjeres some good running route around there I was massively smashing the fizz when I was there. There load of clubs in Calgary but we only went there on R and R which was more feasible. You wont see many taxi's at TEC neither, as it right near the rockies.
Bit of a dive to be honest, no facilities really except vending machines (not even anywhere to do your dhobi, yet the permanent staff have about 4 washers and dryers between the 3 of them)

Calgary is good on the pop, much better than Edmonton, especially if there's a hockey game on

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