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Tragic news from Canada

From the BBC:


Soldier dies in firing exercise

Dale Cowie died when his Minimi light machine gun went off

A British soldier has died on a live firing exercise in Canada, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

Dale Cowie, 19, from Buckie, in Moray, was trying to clear a stoppage in his Minimi light machine gun when it went off and killed him.

The teenager served with the 1st Battalion The Highlanders.

About 100 Highlanders are part of the Scots Dragoons battlegroup on exercise at the British Army training unit at Suffield near Calgary.

His commanding officer and other Highlanders based in Germany lowered the regimental flag to half mast in the soldier's memory.

Royal Military Police have launched an investigation and an accident investigation team is being sent to Canada.

A MoD spokesman said: "Safety is of paramount importance on exercises. We don't know how long the investigation will take."
This is terrible news and I hope that it does not indicate that the MoD has done nothing since the last incident when L/Cpl Craw of the A&SH died under suspiciously similar circumstances.


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Very sad news.

Does appear to be a bit of a pattern emerging PVR. I wonder how many other incidents have occurred in which no injuries or fatalities have happened.

I hope that the investigation finds out, and changes either the weapon or its user handling drills. I really hope it is not just written off as user error.
RIP .Quick goggle dosent show any large amount of accidents .I guess
if the butt collapses while trying to cock it could have a problem didnt think
that was possible .Hope they investigate as far as I am a where they have been 2 lethal accidents with this weapon so far.

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