Tragic Moments in camp

Discussion in 'REME' started by gallahad, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. This incident still haunts me. While serving in Tidworth, one evening on my way home with a mate who lived in the same married patch, he decided to stop and play the bandits for a while, borrowing 10 quid off me. Next morning while on parade with the squadron,the rest of the squadron was dismissed,and our lot was asked to stand still. We were eventually dismissed and made our way to the squadron workshop. Sitting in the middle of the shop was the Workshop FFR Land Rover, canopy battened down, with a piece of pipe leading from the exhaust to the cab. This was the first indication that something tragic had taken place.Then we learned the sad news that one of our colleagues had done himself in. Many of us asked, what could we have done to prevent this incident, seeing that up to closing time the night before, he was drinking happily with some of our other work colleagues.
  2. Its so confusing when a trauma happens especially without any explanation. He didn't want anybody to do anything apart from have a few drinks with him. Those affected by this really need talk to someone, if not it could lead to PTS. I know sometimes it really difficult to put feelings into words and trying to explain the hollow chest feeling, its like a video tape being rewind and rewind and you are having to watch it over and over again, talking to someone will help you through the process. i will listen if you need a listening ear!!!

    Take care

  3. Gallahad,

    I have had four "incidents" on ops, exercise and adv trg. You have to deal with these events as you can; there is no hard and fast rule, IMHO. And it is unlikely that you would have changed the course of events.

    I frequently remind myself of the saying:

    You couldn't have changed what happened and you should console yourself with that.