Tragic Accident

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Achilles_Toe, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Condolences to her family.

  2. I think you missed the link?
  3. LCpl Sarah Holmes 29 Regt RLC
  4. there's already a thread on this.....R.I.P
  5. Oh, now your respectful?

  6. No. I think he's just trying to stop this place becoming the front gates of Kensington Palace.
  7. Well said Medium.. Realising the error of his gobbyness me thinks..!!
  8. Sorry Lord F but you need to check out his comments in the other thread listed above where he was bang out of order.
  9. Nothign wrong with a bit of banter, if I popped my clogs I would sooner have my muckers mocking, taking the p1ss and laughing at my expence than have a bunch of faceless interneters posting RIP and sickly poems.

    Not the thread for this argument, but I am sickened and embarrased at some of the dribble posted on condolencies threads.

    instead of posting RIP, send a quid to SSAFA or the RBL.....
  10. I wasn't being kind at all......I was mearly saying that the thread was called "R.I.P"
  11. One line reply just to p1ss you off but :thumleft:

  12. I've read them.

    Do people think they are showing huge amounts of respect by posting 'RIP' or some other random prose on a website?

    Would those same people go and sign a condolence book for someone they never knew?

    As mdn suggests, if you want to show respect, lob a couple of quid at a charity instead of jumping on the bandwagon, being lazy and just adding endless amounts of 'RIP' to someone you didn't know. If you did know the person, fair one. If not, it's just lazy and a shallow way of putting across that you 'care'.

    Thats not aimed at you mate, just a generalisation.

  13. Roger that
  14. I'd much rather read one story from a squaddie or old aquaintance about good times they shared, an amusing story about him or a tribute to a life shortened by whatever means they passed, to see RIP is just sickening, cheap and cheesy