Tragic Accident - Cyprus

RIP Steve
My deepest condolences to your family and to those friends that knew you
RIP Steve
My deepest condolences to your family and to those friends that knew you
My condolences to all who grieve
Corps members might wish to read the eulogy for WO2 Goldsmith:


Colonel Peter Fraser Hopewell, the Commander of the British Contingent to the United Nations Force In Cyprus, writes:

It is with incredible sadness that I write, for WO2 Goldsmith was at the very heart of the small British community supporting UN operations in Cyprus. Whilst our loss can, in no way be compared to that of his family we, as part of his larger family, feel his absence keenly.

Stephen Goldsmith was a man who had found his true vocation. A natural enthusiast and optimist, a man of physical presence and courage, he found his home and place in the Army. When I look back at his record of service, I see a man who worked immensely hard and consistently to build a career but, more so, a man who strived to serve those around him. Whether amassing qualifications which led to his appointment as a Master Driver –of which he was rightly proud – or as an adventurous training instructor, he did so to give back as much to the Service as it gave him.

Stephen had served in many operational areas; Northern Ireland, the Balkans and the Gulf amongst them. His commitment to the challenging peacekeeping role in Cyprus was no less total. In the year that he had served with us he had earned the respect and regard of his multi-national colleagues in the UN and in the wider community of Cyprus. In all his dealings there was trademark good humour, total honesty, refreshing candour and utter professionalism; something that we all appreciated.

No one should imagine that Stephen was any less involved and committed away from work. A keen sportsman, a strong friend and a catalyst for fun away from duty, he was at the centre of every social event. Always swift to help, he was a guiding hand, mentor and role model to younger soldiers: his passing has been especially marked upon them.

We offer his family our sincere condolences. If there is any consolation to be found in his loss it is that they do not grieve alone. His wider, Army, family are sharing in their loss. Messages have flooded in from as far away as Afghanistan and I know that all those who have served with Stephen and have shared his friendship will join me in sending our support and best wishes to them.
very sad news RIP Steve
It was a pleasure serving alongside a true dedicated professional. He will be sadly missed in the Master Driver world. My thoughts are with his family. RIP Mate
i am lcpl billy collier.

such sad news to hear about steves death,i was his TMA with the UN from jan -july.

he was a top boss and will be sadly missed
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