Discussion in 'REME' started by norfolk_boy, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Very Sad News! Condolences to Family, Friends and Colleagues...

    R.I.P Fella...
  2. Another Gun Shot Wounds death, on an Army Barracks. Not good.

    RIP Matey.
  3. I8 years old, what a waste of a life, hope you're in a better place kid...............

    R.I.P. soldier
  4. RIP
    Jeez what a waste.

    Do roving patrols consist of just one person now? Someone mentioned they'd seen this (at HMS Collingwood?) the other day.
  5. Would say it's a massive no-no, but I dare say it happens, however wrong it is............

    Question it raises, is: If he was roving alone, would he still be alive now if he'd been teamed up..........
  6. Condolences etc but am genuinely glad that it wasn't me on Guard Commander or Orderly Officer that night!! Been there and done that many a time at Arborfield. Never used to patrol with weapons during my time though - only QRF had weapons and held in the guardroom.

    Always a worry with youngsters under your command/control/care (whichever way you want to look at it). Imagine having recently administered a bollocking and then have this happen to the recipient? (assuming no one else involved obviously)
  7. Such a tragedy. My condolences to the family. What is it that makes them do it. I guess this might also be blown out of all proportions by the media as another suspicious death of a young soldier. I think the truth is that each is a tradegy in its own right, and that people of this age group (across the country) are prone to these acts of self destruction for a variety of reasons, exams, debts, lack of friends etc. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends. Rest in peace soldier.
  8. Rest in Peace
  9. It appears it was a tragedy, out of the blue, no history of any kind, otherwise he wouldn't have been there with rounds. Looks like another Auto/3 rounds, what will the press make of that?

    Looks like we've finally learnt from Deepcut etc, no RMP investigation, firmly handed to Thames Valley Police. Keep it in the open.