Hardly news, it happened years ago but:

From the archive, first published Wednesday 5th Nov 2003.

A PENSIONER died after accidentally drinking bubble bath from a replica bottle of beer.

Ninety-year-old Ernie Brooks - who was not allowed alcohol due to his medication - found what looked like a bottle of beer hidden behind a sink at Cranham Drive residential care home.

The retired barber died five days later in Worcester Royal Infirmary.

His inquest, yesterday, heard how care assistant Nigel Wheatley had bought the Old Soak bubble bath for a colleague and hid it in the home's kitchen.

Fellow care assistant Sharon Gormley saw Mr Brooks walking around at midnight on Monday, December 3, 2001, complaining of "belly ache" after drinking "rotten beer".

She saw the brown bottle and a couple of glasses.

"He'd poured a glass for his friend and he said he'd only had half a glass, but Mr Brooks had had a whole glass," she told the Stourport-on-Severn inquest.

As Mr Brooks began to vomit, she saw the word "suds" on the bottle. He was admitted to hospital and died five days later, on Saturday, December 8, 2001

Consultant pathologist Paul Dunn said his death was due to vomiting and inhaling the soapy fluid and gastric acid.

Coroner Victor Round recorded a verdict of accidental death and vowed to write to Boddingtons, warning them that bubble bath-makers also used bottles similar to the brewer's famous brand of beer.

"They might feel encouraged to send out some written warnings," he said.

"It's not just a danger to old people but to children as well," said Mr Round. "It's frustrating not to be able to do more about it.

"It's children that alarm me more than old folk, because they try alcohol if it's about."

The city council's senior health and safety officer, Peter Barker, said Trading Standards had contacted the makers of Old Soak, but they had no legal power to stop it being sold.

"If people buy something like this for someone for Christmas, they should enforce the fact it's not a drink," a county trading standards spokeswoman added.

Can't think of a comment - laughing too hard!
His taste buds must have be well and truely fecked for him not to notice after the first swig! Unless he yammed it in one!
The poor sod-I think him having a bottle of beer wouldn't have been as lethal!
My grand-dad drank a bottle of furniture polish once. He died of course but he did have a lovely finish.
At least he wouldn't have had problems blowing bubbles in the bath........................!


Kit Reviewer
Did the blue colouring give anything away?


Book Reviewer
He probably thought it was Fosters.
Fcuking hilarious, reminds me of a Cpl's mess do once where on the table were placed miniture bottles of champagne!
These mini bottles of champagne however and unbeknown to the said Cpls sat at the table, contained blowing bubbles!
Oh how we laughed once they had downed the bottles and then seconds later thrown the contents of their stomachs up all over the table, to the horror of the Pad's wives sat around them!
My Granddad accidentally drank a pint of petrol. He then ran around the room 30 times and keeled over.
He wasn't dead though, He'd just run out of petrol.

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