traffic warden kicked in for booking car outside wake

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by andyboy443, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps the manner of his 'talking to' was mildly excessive.

    All the same, how many of us have actually FELT like doing a number on these jobsworth, brownshirt, billy-no-mates, council lackies?

    I would personally not mind giving one or two a good contact therapy careers advice session, and then find the councillors and bean counters responsible for the mindless money-grab and do the same with them.
  3. can never condone it sorry for what ever reason they were wrong probably for the right reason.
  4. The traffic warden was being a twat, but I think hospitalisation was a bit much.
  5. Biped,

    Yet again you expose your limitations and failings.

    On the one hand you support the smoking ban - implicit in this is the army of 'inspectors' who will enforce it in pursuit of a 'mindless money grab'. The next minute you support violence against an 'inspector', and other 'jobsworth, brownshirt, billy-no-mates, council lackies'.

    Presumably these include, in addition to the aforementioned traffic warden, those employed to enforce the smoking ban, litter dropping and to prevent 'smackheads needles, or broken bottles' being dropped in the street.

    At least be consistent in your views or I might begin to suspect you of being a hypocrite. Alternatively, you might like to put some thought into your posts instead of releasing a tirade of vitriolic nonsense.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Not good, but people get a bit emo at funerals so the warden should have backed off maybe?

    A recent convo between me and a warden writing a ticket...

    (Me) "Excuse me. I was just getting change"

    Him) "Too late mate. I've started writing it"

    Me) "I am not your mate. Dont get confused. I am 'Sir' or you may call me nothing at all. But I'm not your mate"

    If you swear at them they can have you for assault.
  7. Why do I find it so hard to feel any sympathy for the warden. This is what happens when you give out parking tickets without thinking. Maybe if the Council were not such money grabbers the warden would have had the time to see that he was entering a highly charged and emotional situation and would have backed off sooner, rather than thinking of his targets at any cost.

  8. I hope you just got in your car and drove away from the site,as the ticket is not issued until it has been palced on the car or it has been handed to you.
  9. Well from what I read in the Sun:


    The cnut deserved it.
  10. That level of violence was totally uncalled for however I cannot but help think that the warden would be doing his rounds today totally uninjured if he had just backed off. But knowing what wardens are like, he was probably a jumped up power crazy twat who liked antagonising people.

    I hope he gets better and they chuck the fcuking book at the guys who did it but maybe he will learn a valuable lesson from this and that is to show some compassion towards people when emotions are running high.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    For crying out loud, will you lay off and stop being such a vacuous kn0bend?

    I AGREE with a smoking ban in public places, even though I am a smoker - why is that hypocritical? I conceded that I was daft for smoking. Why is it 'implicit' that it requires an army of 'smoking inspectors'? Soliciting homosexual sex in public lavatories is ILLEGAL, but there is not an army of 'cottaging police' on the streets to enforce it is there? If there was, you'd be nicked.

    I have put forth a lucid argument in favour of a change in drugs laws that does not warrant legalisation also.

    I do not, and have not promoted violence towards 'council lackies', I merely asked a question as to how many people felt compelled towards violence towards this army of gobment employees who's sole purpose is to get as much money from joe public as possible with no discernible benefit.

    Why don't you stop gobbing off and actually READ my posts fully.
  12. Whilst some personal judgement could have been used by the warden, I can not condone the violence. He was only doing his job at the end of the day, they vehicle was breaking the law, as with speeding etc, we all take our chances, and have to accept it when caught. If it was the funeral of just a random chav, would we be using it as an excuse?
  13. Not acceptable behaviour on any level. If the Daily Mail story is to be believed then it was totally out of order.

    Unfortunately it stirs up sh*t and sh*t sticks even if it is proven that the culprits were not military.
  14. Yet again you display monumental ignorance.

    Smoking inpectors, to enforce the smoking ban, are a reality. What the hell do you think the main thrust of the 'smoking' thread was about?

    You posted, in response to my allusion to your support of violence:

    "I would personally not mind giving one or two a good contact therapy careers advice session, and then find the councillors and bean counters responsible for the mindless money-grab and do the same with them."

    Please then explain what a good contact therapy session is? Perhaps it's similar to that infamous Camp Breadbasket quote from Iraq 'Work 'em hard lads'