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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Noted this item on MSN... Just another little loss of civil liberties, so no need to worry, eh?

    New speed camera crackdown proposed
    By Henry Biggs,
    Last updated March 7 2006

    The national network of speed and surveillance cameras could be used to clampdown on bad habits behind the wheel in plans to be put before Parliament tomorrow.

    Robert Gifford, independent advisor to the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (Pacts) will call for cameras to be focused on drivers using their mobile phones or failing to wear their seatbelts behind the wheel. Mr Gifford argues that existing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras should be used in new ways in order to catch offenders and raise revenue.

    Mr Gifford claims that such use will catch multiple offenders, citing the fact that the 7/7 bombers traveled to Luton station by car. He told the Guardian newspaper that for, "the greater good of society," people should accept, "a slight reduction of our liberty".
    There are currently 14,000 cameras covering Britain’s roads, 6,000 speed cameras and 8,000 ANPR devices which are triggered by stolen, cloned or wanted numberplates are spotted, along with uninsured cars. In 2003-04, cameras raised £113.5m in fines, of which £22m was retained by the Treasury and the remainder paid to the police, local highways authorities and magistrates courts.

    Head of road safety at the AA Motoring Trust said the current technology was not sophisticated enough to implement Mr Gifford’s ideas, "It would be difficult to prove whether you were holding your mobile phone or scratching your ear."

    Why should anyone accept a 'slight reduction in our liberty'?
    It's just another click of the tightening ratchet; pretty soon 'liberty' and 'civil liberties' will just be an outmoded phrase that crops up in history lessons- Oh, sorry, by then I expect a history lesson will be called a 'temporal re-orientation' session in Newspeak...

  2. So he's adovcating using the cameras to identify non-caucasian members of the community, on the grounds that they might be on their way to carry out a suicide bombing? I'm sure that this racial profiling of car drivers will sit well with Grauniad readers...
  3. So if the unthinkable happens, another batch of suicide bombings take place, we can all sleep sound in our beds knowing that a car used by them was issued a fifty quid penalty for speeding. Now that's what I call intelligence or a lack of it.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The were 2 speed camera's,One on the Antrim Road & one on the Oldpark road here in Belfast.Sinn Fein got them removed.....
  5. Why did Mr Gifford even bring up 7/7. There is no suggestion that this proposed system would have stopped them or other terrorists is there?

    How he came to be a government advisor I'll never know, but I wager its not on account of his intelligence.

  6. Funny, I wasn't aware that they had committed any offense that would have resulted in a hit on the APNR database. Unless there's information out there that us mere mortals haven't been told about...
  7. Ah, that's where you're wrong. Your car will get the ticket as they will have cloned your plates. And you won't be able to claim it wasn't you as the computer says so and it must be right.
  8. And of course since the car was carrying a suicide bomb, you'll get done for carrying out a suicide bombing as well....
  9. Suspended sentance if it is a first offence :)
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    So we can sleep safe in bed knowing that if some bunch of crazy blokes decide to do their parlour trick of making themselves explode again, we can rest assure that they will be picked up for the henious crime of not wearing a seatbelt whilst speeding their VBIED Mondeo into the Palace of Westminster? And they can then be issued a fixed penalty fine 5 weeks later take that Al Qaeda!
  11. Is this a general question, or one with specific regard to Speed Cameras?