Traffic Offences on BFG plates

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by hurrdurr, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Simply put, does anyone know if you can get away with traffic offences if you are using BFG plates?

    I know that when doing a DVLA database search, entering a BFG number plate comes up with no results on say insurance quote sites, so surely when the parking people/speed camera people come to check a VRN against an address the BFG ones will come up blank.

    Now i know if your driving around like a loony parking wherever you want they will eventually find a paper trail, but for the odd offence would they bother if it wasn't immediately obvious who committed the offence? :?

    Any input from people who have been successfully traced on BFG plates or people who now work in the relevant civilian sector would be much appreciated.

  2. It is more likely you would get away with it, however, bfg plates are recorded, and if they chose to put a little effort in you would be traked down.
    Is it a uk type bfg plate or a boxhead one?
  3. I have only committed parking offences especially in london and the congestion zones a couple of times in the past two years and also in manchester and as of yet I have had no response...

    But as with speed cameras I would not advise or risk it as if they want to find you then im sure they can!!!
  4. They can, will and do. Just ask you local BFG office.
  5. I find the BFG office to be a biased source, of course they will say you will get caught, just like they say you aren't insured to drive in Germany if your BFG has run out.

    The offence is a parking offence, whilst registering my car back in the UK the parking attendant caught me outside the DVLA office (i thought i was going to be in and out, 40 mins later...) The PCN only has the BFG VRN, make and colour. No tax disc number etc...

    I'm weighing up the odds, should i pay the £25 or should i risk it and if caught pay £50, or if i get away with it pay £0.

  6. If you can afford it, f**k them all and live life on the edge but I can bet you a beer they dont get you for a parking offence and I promise you a beer even if I have to post it!
  7. tbh i would f it off, theres probably other ways to aboid that particular fine.
  8. BFG registration numbers are issued to the BFGVLO by the DVLA, so they can be traced it just takes a bit longer.
  9. Forget the BFG office, it's our job to track you down, and we do. The information is then passed on to the approriate authority. :D
  10. Yup they get you, just got 3 points added to my licence from a UK camera off my BFG plates :(
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You don't get a bigger fine by waiting for the letter, or am I wrong on that? So make them work for your money, leave it until the fine arrives in the post - if it doesn't, great.
  12. Yea, if you pay the fine within 28 days it is £25, if you leave it later than that its £50.

    Also i looooove your signature gif :clap:
  13. Nasty Pasty :lol:
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ahh ok, where I live you can wait for the letter before paying with no penalty. It looks like a gamble then :D

    hurrdurr, she's a cheap whore and you would feel dirty afterwards, trust me ;)
  15. Sorry to drag this one up, but just an update. I never got charged for the parking, never heard anything off them. So it appears you can get away with parking tickets, but not speeding fines.