Traffic light things in MT white fleet

Discussion in 'REME' started by, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi REME types,
    Can anyone tell me about those stupid traffic light things in the white fleet cars/mini busses..WTF do they do?
  2. Fugly

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    It's the air freshener.
  3. Its a cracking game that the army invented to ease boredom whilst you're driving somewhere. Your aim should be to get as many red lights in the shortest time period as possible, using your mobile phone while driving to time yourself.

    Have fun!

    edited to add: ambers are only there to tell you to try harder.
  4. this system my bold, is there to monitor the way one drives. if one gets the ''red'' light on, stand by for a pants down from your mtwo,
  5. It's called DRIVES. Guess what champs, get too many reds or speed and you will be tapping the boards in front of the man, coffee not included.
  6. We've two 4x4 vehicles with these little traffic box systems in the dash close to the windscreen,

    According to the drivers *cough* when it 'occasionally' goes to red it takes quite a while to revert back to yellow before handing it back, thus preventing a word from the MTsgt/WO

    However I'm unaware how many White fleets have them up & down the country...
  7. The speeding report starts at LF and works its way down via your Divs and Bdes. Although most Regional Bde MDs will already have access to the system and ability to monitor vehicles fitted with it.

    If you speed in a vehicle fitted with DRIVES you will get caught. There is a DIN out about it which includes the procedure of dealing with inapproriate driving i.e speeding.

    Its also a GPS so all the vehicles are tracked too................
  8. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    Wrap the box in tin foil that'l stop it. Honest I'm a Matelot so it must be true.
  9. And I thought it was a camera to
  10. Duty driver, 5 times +90mph in one week. He's going to have a nice surprise on Monday when he gets back from leave. No chance of speeding on the gate.....
  11. i thought it was a method to monitor your efficiency at work, in between meetings. ie, if the red light isn't on you're wasting time driving too slowly to get to next appointment!

    Do reports REALLY get sent to MDs/MTWOs? At my last place i had no idea what the device was (thought it was alarm system) and spent a lot of time in the red and nothing ever happened.
  12. They had a similar system (VMIS) in the commercial sector 10 years ago. The current versions are more to do with attaining the ultimate goal which is fuel efficiency (bottom line profit).
  13. The system went fully live late last year and yes they really do.
  14. so that what that was, me too.

    How does it work? if it is gps I would be prone to putting a faraday cage of sorts round the transceiver,

    anyhow can you legally be done for speeding via this system?
  15. No you can't. I understand it's a 'safety feature' and its principle function is to record driving standards in the event of an accident.

    It does have a bleeping sound too as you approach the red ligh zone - I only realized this after several hundred miles of driving the CO (I have the radio loud when driving alone). I thought the 'bleeps' were from his laptop!