Traffic camera enforcement vans.

Now I know the vast majority of us hate static speed cameras such as Truvelo & Gatso models. Well as most of you also know, many Constabulary's have mobile vans that are normally parked on traffic islands & central reservations to catch folk out.

Well here's one that I noticed. Whilst on the A31 heading to London, A Surrey Police Mobile money grabbing camera van well inside the Hampshire border!!.

Are certain forces sneaking over other Force's borders to get that extra penny of the motorists & motorbike riders????.
I think the Saftey Camera partnerships are regional. I,ve seen a Medway one in E. Sussex before now. They are a pain in the arrse & dangerous as I spend more time watching the speedo & looking for cameras & vans parked up. Than I do looking where I,m actually going.

Regards LT.
Probably an Urban Myth but:

A few years back, South Wales Police were a bit concerned about a number of GATSOs that were mysteriously being melted.

A small investigation ensued. Turns out that the camera radar was triggering the local Harrier population's EW detectors and the ensuing jamming was overloading the receivers, causing the damage.

Seems that the GATSOs are not hardened against EW strike.

Not that I'm suggesting that anyone try this, but I guess that a small nuclear strike could be used to disable an offending speed camera.

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