Trafalgar Square today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. It was great to see the throngs of people at Trafalgar Square today cheering on our cricketing heroes, the finale of everyone singing "Jerusalem" sent a shiver down my spine, jingoistic it maybe, but still great to see.


  2. I take it from, '...jingoistic it may be...', that that would be a bad thing then?
  3. I watched from the pavement outside my office as the bus passed - a wonderful atmosphere and very good natured crowd. It made me proud to be English
  4. will they all get MBEs like those one hit wonders in the England rugby team?
  5. Sorry, but I still can't fathom why a game played by a bunch of bods wearing jumpers, trousers, shoes and straw hats, standing still for minutes at a time hitting the odd ball and jogging back and forward between sticks a few metres apart and drinking Pimms in between, can possibly call itself a 'sport'!
  6. Agree, but anything that raises national pride and makes people proud to be British is a good thing... at least its not played by chav scum such as Wayne Rooney. A good day and good for the country.

  7. Also take Football for example..... running up and down a bit, fall over, have a cry and a tantrum because your team mate says youre a butt ugly wastrel! I can go and see panto at Christmas.
  8. True, you are right there a bit of British Pride (that is of course if we are allowed to demonstrate our Britishism?!!! remember the English Flag bans etc.!)
  9. I saw them this morning before the bus tour started and Freddie Flintoff was absolutely slaughtered! Apparantly he hasn't been to bed yet! Good effort that man although leaving a wife like his to sleep alone does take some explaining!
  10. My thoughts exactly, great show from our team. It's really put a smile on my face. Duncan Fletcher's not Zimbabwean any more though, common sense has prevailed at last!

    :D :D :D
  11. I've always considered footy my first sport, and followed cricket fairly closely when England play. But you see the overpaid footballers feigning injury, diving and even telling their own captains to feck off (Rooney last Wed), and compare that to what we have seen this Summer on the cricket pitch. Not well paid and yet pride of the whole country. When KP was out, it was great to see Warney the first to go up to him and shake his hand. Whatever happens over the next months, this was the greatest Ashes series ever, and I am proud to have been able to watch it. To be honest, football has just got out of hand, and I can't be bothered watching it. (May also be due to my team's gone from European Champs to 4th bottom of League 1)
  12. That should be Member of the English Empire, it wasnt a British team, so why should they
  13. It is called sport because it is played in friendly but competetive conditions, during the whole ashes series did you see any body pulling shirts, diving for a penalty or swearing, or as I refer to it "cheating". No I don't think you would have done.. It was a great series to watch, supporting a national team, and for those who have slated it without having played it, it is a very exhausting game when played at a high level.

    PS, footballers get paid in one week what it takes you and I to earn in 2 years....... do you think that it's still fair sport ??


    Now whens the next cricket match on telly
  14. Well, England vs Pakistan starts in October at some stage
  15. Did I mention Football?!!!