Trafalgar legacy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. I would like to discuss here not history but rather current events.

    Intreresting question, btw.

    Do you agree with this opinion?
  2. I think Brits in general do have a more insular mentality than our continental cousins but i think there's more in it than just being on an island. Language and media plays it's part too. Compared to the average continental European we Brits are terrible at languages, we just naturally assume everyone can or ought to be able to speak at least some English because our language is the international language (at least at the moment). As for the media, take a look at British TV and what's on at the cinema. What percentage of the programming and films are not British, American or Aussie? Then look at any European country's programming and see what a large proportion is foreign.
  3. I worked in Paris for 12 months last year..........Twas a F*cking nightmare, everytime I tried to speak French, they would answer me in English, or laugh at my accent and pronunciation. Here I was trying my hardest not be a typical Brit, and these Cnuts are laughing at me, p1ssed me right off and knocked my confidence to speak french for the rest of my time in France!! When I was posted to Germany, when I tried to speak German, the Germans never laughed if I f*cked up a word??

    It's in our Genes to hate the French and Vice Versa!!

    I think a lot of us have been brought up with the notion, that everybody speaks English, why change the habit of a life time sort of thing.
  4. To be fair, we had a french bloke living with us for a while. His english wasn't great, but we could at least get meaning out of what he was saying. However, whenever we tried to talk french, unless we got the pronunciation and accent exactly right, he wouldn't make an effort to understand. This just discouraged me from trying!

  5. I lived with the CESM's for over a year in Northern France and will comment:
    Paris: Full of the most arrogant unwashed grenoiulles you will ever come across. Avoid except for the holiday season when all the Frogs have left & the city is empty.
    Flanders:Chirac was very quick on the ball when a war cemetary was vandalised not so long ago. It that part of the country attitudes are very different and the frogs are generally welcoming, especially for service personnel. History is very close to the surface - my friend's mum spend 3 years in the jail you can see from the motorway between Paris and Calais curtesy of the Abwehr. The crime: Helping escaped brits back home.
    Politics. Jesus, dont get me started. France pays more in national debt interest than it receives in income tax. The CAP keeps the country afloat. The idiots throw national strikes on public service very often on a sunny friday. Funny that. The last presidential election the joke was "who do we vote for, the thief or the fascist?"
    Crime: Worse. Police Nationale = Real Pig. Police municipale = Not clever enough to be a real pig. Gendarme = Thinks he's 'ard but in reality is another CESM

    I could go on and on and on . . .
    ...but rather just agree with Humphrey Appleby on the subject
  6. I was in Berlin in April. The group we were with chose to experience their first taste of Deutschland by going into McDonalds :roll: but were too shy to even point at signs, so I had to go in and order for them.
    My German's not perfect, I know that, but you'd expect a fast-food joint next to a popular tourist inlet (in this case, one of the train stations by the airport) to be patient with non-Germans. Not in this case... As one woman was taking my oder, another behind her was smirking, and then when they went to get our food we could hear them taking the p1ss out in the back room :evil:
  7. Germans would never laugh is this situation. Moreover, once a professor from Switzerland appoligised for my wife for his heavy schwabisch accent (my wife translated his speech on scientific congress in Moscow).
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Inever had any problems when i was in BFG,The germans were a lot more polite than the f**** frogs!The geust house where my Dad stayed when he came to visit me was ran by a local whose Dad was in the Luftwaffe & my Dad flew Lancs.
    While in France visiting war graves,my step mom had her handbag stolen.The frog cops were ignorant & unhelpful.The British embassy more concerned with giving visa's to the chinese before H.K was given back.
    The German owner called a locksmith as the key was in the bag.AND he ripped up the tab Dad had ran up,drinking till all hours talking about the war with the owners Dad.Before then,Dad hated the Germans,but liked them after that...still hated the french tho!
  9. Must be u mate.

    Had similar when last in France, this babe refused to speak French so I refused to speak English but I out did her with my rolling r's - the battle was won when I rolled em so much from the right back of me throat I covered her with flem ..... She just wanted me.

    Wo die Wolgawellen schlagen an den Strand

    Melodie -

    Wo die Wolgawellen schlagen an den Strand
    Liegt der Landser mit der Schnauze tief im Sand.
    Wo es Flöh und Wanzen gibt an Mengen reich,
    Rufen deutsche Landser, bringt uns heim ins Reich.

    Feiertage gibt's bei uns in Rußland nicht;
    Immer, immer, immer ruft die Pflicht.
    Täglich Wache schieben, bis die Knie weich,
    Das ist unsre Heimat, bringt uns heim ins Reich.

    Will der Landser schreiben einen Brief nach Haus,
    Geht um vier Uhr schon die Lampe aus,
    An den Kopf, den schweren, faßt der Landser gleich,
    Zuckend, fluchend schimpft er, bringt uns heim ins Reich

    Vor allem von österreichischen ("ostmärkischen") Soldaten in Rußland in verschiedenen Varianten gesungen. Diese stammt aus dem Bereich der 2. Panzerdivision.

    My Father who was a "Guest" of the GERMANS from 1940-1945 (taken prisoner wounded at St Valery)and carried a large amount of their shrapnel in his body for 55 years never hated them and always welcomed any he met especially the ladies from SCHWABISH-GMUND who were devastated when I told them he had passed on
  11. Went on holiday a few years ago now , with the girlfriend at the time, she cannot speak french, and i know enough to get by, anyway we went to biarritz, NOw for those of you who dont know, this is a place in france where the french like to go for there holidays,

    I tried speaking fench to these guys as hardly any of them could speak English, They looked at me like some sort of muppet, even though i knew what i was saying was correct,

    so i tried speakiing german to them, they looked even more strangely at me,

    It wasnt till i started speaking serbo croat at them, that one of them actually turned round and said in French, 'ok you can speak some languages, we will talk to you.'

    Me and the girlfriend got up left the hotel, and drove down into Spain that night, and had a cracker of a holiday where the spanish were friendly, and even joked about there bad english and our bad spanish!, I have never been back to France since. Next time they get invaded, i reckon we should just leave them to it, as then they might learn some manners, the arrogant cheese eating surrender monkeys!
  12. Maybe the bigger the island, the more they navel gaze. I've been spending some time on the other side of the pond and most Americans don't seem to realise that it's possible to have a different opinon and be just as right.

    This is not a bash a Yank post, I suspect that 100 years ago, when the Empire was riding high, we had the same 'This is what we're doing and sod the rest of the world' attitude. Since then, however, there've been 2 World Wars and innumerable World Cups and we've come to realise that we're not always right or invincible.

    Something the French have still to learn, the gentle art of compromise.

    Off the soap box.

    BTW - Why do the French have to have the biggest ship in the fleet? Some sort of national inferiority complex?
  13. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    It's the star prize for the next invading country
  14. We are not all crap at languages. I speak more than one language and have a reasonable grasp of latin which helps with my historical research.

    Have you ever watched French or Spanish television? No wonder they sleep in the afternoon. Total rubbish. As a gesture of international good-will we should send them videos of countdown and fawlty towers.
  15. I know many of us are not (i speak 3 and stumble through German) but what do we learn at school? Frog. Once we've left school how often do most of us have use for it? Compare that to most of the continentals who get taught English. They watch TV and Movies which are very often in English (much is subtitled rather than dubbed) and will very likely have a use for English in their adult lives. Very often you'll see two different non-English speakers using English to communicate.
    I know French and Spanish TV is something akin to Channel9...'Scorchio!' but then again yank TV is unwatchable too. Thank **ck i have BBC Prime, BBC World and Discovery. :lol: