Trafalgar Extravaganza 31st July Bids Needed

15:00-16:00 31/07/09 Trafalgar Square

None of you can have missed the ARRSE headline news over the past five weeks or so, that Wompingwillow has secured a place in Antony Gormley's 4th Plinth Exhibition in Tralagar Square.

If you want to know what it is about see here:

The relevance for ARRSE is that WW will be raising money for Hols4heroes as part of her hour on the plinth, and we are looking to you to helps us out!

This will be a unique opportunity as so far no one has offered part of their hour on the Plinth for auction, and more to the point for others to decide what happens during the time slot that they have bought!

The way this works is simple:

There are 25 x 1 minute slots available for grabs.
WW will have a blackboard on the Plinth with her.

The highest 25 bids will win the slots and it is a blind auction with a lowest suggested bid of £50. Although blind, updates will be posted on here detailing the number of slots still available, and the lowest current bid.

If successful in your bidding you can ask WW to show any message on her board, or request some form of Performance Art during the one minute slot.

Some Caveats:

1) That the actions/messages requested are not illegal, offensive or dangerous.
2) If you request extra props or costumes to be used you will need to cover the costs for those.
3) WW warns that she has a very poor singing voice!

The event itself will be broadcast live from Trafalgar Square on the One and Other Website, and the recording will be available for viewing for the whole length of the project. If you require HD still photographs to be taken, this can be arranged for a small additional fee. Please note that there will be an added premium if your messages/costumes requested are of a commercial nature!

Bids can be made by either PM'ing me or preferably via the Plinth page on the Hols4H website: where full details are available.

Any Q's PM in the normal fashion!!

There is a meet up to support WW on the Plinth, click my sig block below for details.

As a final request please keep any comments regarding the current 'situation' on Arrse off this thread, Thanks!

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