Trafalgar Day 21st October


The victory at Trafalgar was no accident, nor were Nelson's earlier victories. A huge effort had gone into making our ships seaworthy, their weapons ready, and training the sailors and marines.

The tactics had been devised in advance. Gun crews had been extensively drilled, and could load, fire, and reload in a short space of time. The shipwrights and sail-makers had also been train, and were at the top of their game, as were the signallers. The marines had paid attention to musketry.

The men in the British fleet were fitter than their counterparts, with Nelson taking an interest in their welfare and things like exercise and diet, and motivated by fear of a French invasion.
Did your anscetor fight with Nelson?

My surname is not very common and has come up with 6 possibles, one of which comes from the area my family were living in at the turn of the 19thC. Thanks to my sisters efforts in tracing the familly tree I shall do some further research.

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