I'm going to be working with a R SIGNALS unit for the first time in my long and entirely undistinguished career. I'm an RMO ... (insert joke here).

What specific traditions do RSIGNALS have so that my first night in the Mess is not a complete faux pas?

On your first night in the Mess you have to take all your clothes off and buy everyone drinks, although it's proceedure to do it without being told to, so get there early and make a good impression. Hope this helps.
Thanks. Anything else?


Yes, its tradition to mock their 'naked man' capbadge and declare that "Your all a bunch of Scaley back bas*ards!" They love it they do....

Cheers Easy!


On your first day phone up Glasgow and thank them for shafting you royally then march yourself immediately to the QM and promptly draw your desert kit (includes spade and bucket). Post yourself immediately to a random desert in a far off Land - it doesnt matter if no-one is there yet -rest assured the unit you are posted to will be with you soon.

Whilst en-route learn to read crystal balls as that is an expected skill oh and add this phrase to your vocabulary "Bye Darling"?

PS Watch out for the camel spiders ! they tend to shit in your mouth so that when you wake up everyday you automatically begin talking shite - for some reason they tend to collect round the officer sleeps.

Apart from that make sure you arrive with your Berry on backwards boots on the opposite feet, lightweights on, stable belt at chest height and unshaven prior to marching into the CO and RSMs office - we salute with 2 fingers whilst saying allay achbar
jack-daniels said:
Don't mention Arnhem.
It wasnt the fault of the radios in Arnhem, it was due to the high concentration of iron in the soil.That comms were poo!
I always got loads of grief off the old blokes at reunions in Arnhem blaming us for wrong crystals etc. That Bridge too Far film's got a lot to answer for!
msr said:
You might find this useful.

Many thanks MSR - that's spot on. I've never seen one of these for my own Corps regrettably (RAMC).



Bl**dy Hell, those notes for YOs are spot on. I love the 'pie eating' piece. Common sense and remarkably well written.

Well done RHQ - say I.
Nothing specific to our Corps fella. Just go with what is standard in your mess and I'm sure you'll be fine.


DontMentionTheWar said:
I've never seen one of these for my own Corps regrettably (RAMC).
Surely you mean:

DontMentionTheWar said:
I've never seen one of these for my own Corps (regrettably RAMC).
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