The Corps is remarkably light on tradition. With the imminent departure of the most senior major we should consider the merit of recognising that particular appointment in some way. Perhaps a seat on the dress committee, a swagger stick of office or something like.
Oh that's a good idea!! not.

Why don't we just try to get the comms in for a change?

I've always thought that silly ideas like yours are fed in by people not in the corps, to keep our eye off the ball and allow them to nick all the best jobs.

While we're on the subject of stupid job titles, isn't having a corps RSM a bit like having a regimental squadron clerk or a squadron troop sergeant?

Wake up you RDs before it's all too late! Or go away and leave it to the people who do the work.


War Hero
My dear chap,

Corps RSM?  Surely that is just one of the 'traditions' of the Corps!

Gentlemen, as you were only formed officially in 1920 you do not have traditions.........  only habits.  ;D

ref the badge.   Is it  "Harry"
As every units tradition is rooted in it's origins, I think you'll find Gunner that the Royal Signals takes it's tradition from the Royal Engineers (your friends?). Not only is the Signals cap badge originally from a motif used by the Signal Coy RE but they also wear their blue lanyards with pride, unlike the artillery and their white ones which they seem forever trying to get rid of.

As we all know, the sappers were digging their 'saps' under the walls of castles and fortifications long before the artillery were ever even thought of.

I admire the long traditions of all cap badges, but to say that just because a Corps has evolved from another they have 'no' tradition is just showing ignorance.
LOL, i just knew this would get someones back up.   Ahhh, right then, the Royal Engineers and the Artillery were formed at exactly the same time from the same Corps, so please get YOUR factual information right.  Its not ignorance on my part i believe just a wind up, i perfectly understand about the RSigs as i was attached to one of their regiments in Herford for 2 years actually being part of their squadron as a Bombardier.  The final part about the Corps RSM is trying to find out if it is still the same guy who was my Troop SSgt at said Sqn.  So  chill out.
Not to worry, my back's not up. I just thought I'd reply as I'm sure that's what you wanted. I too understand all three of the Units mentioned.

I was a member of the R Sigs for nine years, during which I spent 2 1/2 years in a RLD attached to an artillery field regiment. I am now a member of the Royal Engineers, and oh yes, I'm at the moment sitting in Herford typing this so I'm familier with that too  :-*
Which one? There are plenty.  As for Bunde, a place famous for cigars and it's Onion Festival...... What's that all about??  ???  ???  ???
FAO GunnersQuadrant - re Corps RSM.  I believe the man you refer to is indeed an RSM but not the 'Corps RSM'.  

Tradition or not, Corps RSM remains an odd title for a bag carrier.  Any takers?
98 Charlie - Cheers buddy.  For all those wondering why i was attached to the RSigs in Herford i was one of 4 attached to 211 and 212 (armour (no wheelie poofs)) Sqns during 97 - 99.  We even went to Bos with you.
I have worked a lot with the Sigs and I must admit that as an outsider you seem to be run by your RD Role.  I will never forget seeing a Sigs RSM when the ARRC went to Bosnia walking around with pressed kit, shiny boots and pace stick just being an absolute pain by yelling his head off about cr*p, whilst poor old Tommy Scales was attempting to run some wire of whatever from one building to another.

When I did my EFP we even discussed the merits of a local Sigs Regt who sacked the local leaf cleaners and had every man and his/her dog out leaf clearing from 8-9!  Needless to say, the morale of that Regt was not that high!

PS - is it true the R Sigs have the highest PVR/discharge rate?
Would you stay in the army when you are given the quals that the sigs are and can earn up to three times as much in civvy street??

I well remember the RSM in ARRC Sp Bn on deployment to Bos in 95.  He was though,  a plank.

On exercises and Ops our RDs keep their heads down and their kit clean.  They ensure that the CO has all his needs catered for, and can be seen in the bar on most evenings asking how it's going and regaling you with tales about what a great trip they had today, in the back of the COs rover.

Sad gits!!

Hey GBS,

I know the plank your on about, this guy was somebody else, not sure who, but the guy was Sigs.

quadrant, the s**thole at the top of camp was (is) Birkenstrasse, what a dump! I have just left 1 Div to come to sunny blighty, what a bad move that was! The RSM at 1 Div is a top bloke, the new one that is "Tom" how many RSM's in the Signals turn up to Siggy's leaving do's? Unfortunetly he was followed by gripper who most unfortunetly, tripped over the step into the mt bar and rang the bell......Great Days

You are joking I earn 6 times as much for 4 times less work and I can be a lazy b*stard and not get all the sh*te that RSM Dumbsh*t-puddle*uck dishes out all day. :D

As I seem to remember; dont (hmm wont let me use an apostrophe) buy a telly dont buy a car save your money and PVR :p

Best thing I ever did.
;D ;D


Just a comment you understand.

Why is it that the top man in the WOs and Sgts Mess in the Signals is the guy, in many cases,  who failed to get to the top of his trade and go Foreman/Yeoman?  

I've met some who are really good guys but surely the idea of the RSM as senior man is Victorian.  Yet they rule the Mess - can't be right when the CORE biz is comms and IT?  If we need a block of wood then bring on a Guardsman to be seconded to Corps units.


What's a Dipole?

But what is the soloution?  The R Sigs is a big Corps therefore it needs RD people to do the main & regular duties.  As a consequence they can be regarded as being better at organising and NCO leadership tasks than somebody who stands at a bench and talks to bit of circuitry.

Think about it, Army trains a Foreman at a massive cost then puts him into a job doing boots and haircuts, most Foremen I would guess would sh*t themselves at having to do such a non technically brain taxing job.  Most RD would be happy to do it though.

The thing i do not always agree with though is RSMs seeming to get automatic commission, just because you were a good RSM does not mean that you will be a good officer.
RSM's get graded the same as others come commissioning time, our RSM certainly didnt get his and i know of quite a few others who were sat there waiting and were unsuccessful too ;)

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